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QbShip - A new way to ship

Dover, Delaware, US

software, mobile, mobile apps, tech, mobile applications; artificial intelligence; virt

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Company Overview

QbShips founder Dustin Morrell started Bass Effect Audio LLC shipping thousands of Bluetooth Speakers and headphones. Scheduled pickups from carriers were expensive and with relatively small volumes it made it difficult to offer good shipping rates to customers which decreased competitiveness in the market. QbShip makes it easy to get packages picked up for individual or business needs at a much lower cost. QbShip uses complex algorithms to take the shipping needs of a customer and search rates from many carriers, then using QbShips deeply discounted large volume accounts we pass these rates to the user. Information is sent to the nearest driver that matches the customers needs and they get real-time tracking of arrival. The QbShip driver will put the labels on the package and scan them into the system so it can be tracked from door to door.

Integrated platforms with companies like Ebay and Etsy so sellers can have items that are sold pushed to the QbShip app for seamless conversion and pickup.


6 Employees

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July, 2017

Platform and GUI creation/testing

August, 2017

First seed investments

October, 2017

A&P Investments $120,000 investment

November, 2017

Updated graphic user interface

November, 2017


this fits within our current sharing economy
Rich Dean PM
Rich Dean
Such a cool idea. I could see this as a mainstream service for businesses and individuals.
Mark Saltern Director of Instructional Development
Mark Saltern