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Connect through your interests and earn. The social experiences marketplace for sport, food, and wellbeing.

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Company Overview

PVLSE has as a mission to harmonise technology with humanity, by:

  • Truly connecting people
  • Empowering them to achieve their goals
  • Finding meaningful work
  • And having a fulfilling life

What is PVLSE?

It is social experiences marketplace that connects people through their interests and allows anyone to freely join and create activities in their area. Service providers, businesses, and hosts wanting to monetise their hobbies can earn an income through the platform. PVLSE allows anyone who wishes to start a business to test themselves and their ideas risk free with an already engaged audience.

Market Strategy:

To effectively gain users we adopt a B2B2C model, targeting businesses and professionals, such as sport associations, clubs, and restaurants, whereby we solve the double sided-marketplace dilemma by populating the app with activities hosted by our anchor partners. Ensuring a certain level of supply on the platform will not only retain newcomers but incentivise them to create activities of their own.

At PVLSE we intend to integrate with blockchain to enhance our platform and user experience.

The purpose of blockchain is to:

  • Create the next generation loyalty program by rewarding participation, allowing further spending within the platform and on partner brands.
  • Create a data sovereign marketplace, where users can trade their data and earn for it.

We are a combination of the existing marketplace and social networking platforms, with the benefit and wellbeing of our users in mind, through smart and ethical design.

Pitch Deck


  • BETA launch for iOS and Android

    February, 2019
  • Showcased at the Emerging Technologies event during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland 2019

    January, 2019
  • Presented at Droidcon UK 2018 - the biggest Android developer conference in Europe

    October, 2018
  • RISE Conference HK - The largest and most exciting tech conference in Asia: PVLSE was selected to showcase its alpha app.

    July, 2018