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Power you can fit in your pocket

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Company Overview

The Prong mission is to solve the problem of "battery anxiety" caused by the increasingly power hungry mobile devices that people have become so dependent on. Prong's first product -the PocketPlug- was the world's first mobile phone case with an integrated A/C charger. Prong launched the PocketPlug on Kickstarter in March of 2012 and quickly gathered steam raising in excess of $130,000 and receiving praise from publications including the New York Times, Washington Post, CNET, Gizmodo and Engadget. Prong continued to innovate, developing the PWR Case with a detachable battery and integrated charging prongs. The PWR Case was featured on CNBC as one of the three “Hottest Gadgets from CES 2015". The Prong team is passionate about the idea that mobile users should never have to be tethered to a wall or be away from their device while they charge up. As Prong grows we will continue to innovate and maintain our focus on elegant design.



2 Issued Patents
7 Employees


  • The owner of a 550 store retail chain makes major investment into Prong, making him one of the largest equity stakeholders in the company

    March, 2016
  • Prong receives the largest purchase order in its history from a 550 store retail chain

    November, 2015
  • Patent granted for PocketPlug design

    July, 2015
  • PWR Case for iPhone 6 begins shipping

    September, 2015
  • Prong PWR Case (with detachable battery) for iPhone 6/6s launches on Indiegogo and is fully funded in the first 24 hours

    February, 2015
  • PocketPlug debuts at Brookstone, AT&T and Skymall

    June, 2014
  • Prong begins development of the PWR Case after receiving feedback from customers and major retailers that the addition of a battery is key

    October, 2013
  • PocketPlug product is delivered to Kickstarter backers and is featured in a full page New York Times article

    September, 2013
  • Launched PocketPlug on Kickstarter, raising over $130K

    March, 2012
  • Jesse Pliner & Lloyd Gladstone file a patent for an integrated charging case

    October, 2011


Roy Furchgott
Roy Furchgott
New York Times
""You have to ask what it's worth to never again have to say, 'Oh no, I forgot my charger""
Tim Conneally
Tim Conneally
""I am breaking my own rule by writing about this iPhone charger, that's how cool it is""
Todd Haselton
Todd Haselton
""It's one of the coolest cases we've ever seen""
Hayley Tsukayama
Hayley Tsukayama
The Washington Post
""Ingenious idea""
Eric Mack
Eric Mack
""Every now and then you see a product that's so common sense it seems like it should have been invented years ago""
Edwin Kee
Edwin Kee
""The first of its kind in the world""