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Where Your Soul Rediscovers Music

San Francisco, California, US

music, consumer products, tech startup

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PonoMusic raises over $6.2M from 18,220 Kickstarter supporters.

April, 2014


Neil Young

Neil Young

Founder & CEO

Neil Young is one of rock and rolls greatest songwriters and performers. In a career that extends back to his mid-Sixties roots as a coffeehouse folkie in his native Canada, this principled and unpredictable maverick has pursued an often winding course across the rock and roll landscape. Hes been a cult hero, a chart-topping rock star, and all things in-between, remaining true to his restless muse all the while. At various times, Young has delved into folk, country, garage-rock and grunge. His biggest album, Harvest (1972) , apotheosized the laid-back singer/songwriter genre he helped invent. Throughout his self-described bumpy ride, Young has consistently demonstrated the unbridled passion of an artist who understands that self-renewal is the only way to avoid burning out. For this reason, he has remained one of the most significant artists of the rock and roll era.
Elliot Roberts

Elliot Roberts

SVP of Artist Relations

Elliot Roberts is our SVP of Artist Relations. He is the legendary music manager and record executive. Roberts is an American music manager and record executive, best known for helping to jump-start the careers of singer-songwriters from the late 1960s and 1970, including those of Neil Young and Joni Mitchell. Roberts later formed Lookout Management with David Geffen, and helped to create Geffen's Asylum Records in 1970, which merged with Elektra Records in 1972 to form Elektra/Asylum Records. He is well known for his associations with Mitchell, Young, Buffalo Springfield, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Bob Dylan, the Eagles, Tom Petty, Talking Heads, Devo, Tracy Chapman, Spiritualized, Mazzy Star, Devendra Banhart, The Alarm, and other musicians.[1]
Bruce Botnick

Bruce Botnick

VP of Content Acquisition

Bruce Botnick, our VP of Content Acquisition, leads our relationship with the music labels. Bruce's storied career includes producing and recording work with the Doors and the Beach Boys as well as a partnership with film composer Jerry Goldsmith for over 100 movies.
Pedram Abrari

Pedram Abrari

EVP of Technology

Pedram Abrari is our EVP of Technology. He is a top executive and technology leader in Silicon Valley, with involvement at companies such as Progress, Corticon, Western Asset, and PeopleMover. He has expertise in enterprise, cloud, and mobile computing. He is a strong advocate for online social communities to promote a cause for the greater good, such as the revival of high fidelity digital music. He is also experienced in scaling a technology company from founding through successive phases of growth. Pedram is a hobbyist musician and an avid golfer.
Phil Baker

Phil Baker

VP of Product Development & Operations.

Phil Baker is our VP of Product Development & Operations. He is one of the most respected leaders in the consumer electronics space very much in tune with trends and innovations. Hes led the development of over 80 tech products, including the Apple Newton and PowerBook laptops, e-readers, headphones, cameras, printers, appliances, and accessories such as the Stowaway keyboard. He's worked on products for Seiko, Polaroid, Barnes & Noble, Etymotic, and others. He has also authored a book on product development entitled "From Concept to Consumer," and writes a weekly newspaper technology column.
Rick Cohen
Rick Cohen is a Shareholder and immediate past President and CEO of Buchalter Nemer. He is a member of the Firm's Corporate Practice Group and Chair of the Firm's Investment Management Practice Group. Mr. Cohen served as Special Counsel to California State Controller Kenneth Cory and as the Chief Executive Officer of the California State Teachers' Retirement System, which was then the eighth largest pension fund in the United States, with assets in excess of $12 billion. Mr. Cohen, who is AV Preeminent rated by Martindale Hubbell, has been selected as one of Southern California'sSuper Lawyers seven times from 2005 to 2011 and was also selected as a Southern California Super Lawyer, Corporate Counsel Edition in 2009.

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