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Enabling Electronic Wearable Devices™

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Company Overview

PogoTec™ is an enabler of electronic wearable devices (EWDs). PogoTec™ plays at the nexus of 4 huge global multi-billion dollar growing markets. These markets are; 1) electronic wearable devices (EWDs), 2) wireless power, 3) wearable cameras and 4) eyewear. The EWD market is experiencing explosive growth (43% CAGR) and is projected to grow from today’s $8 Billion of annual sales to $75 Billion of annual sales in less than 10 years. The wireless power market is forecast to grow rapidly from $2 Billion of annual sales as of today to $8 Billion of annual sales in less than 5 years. The wearable camera market is forecasted to grow from 12 Million wearable cameras shipped today to 30 Million in less than 5 years. Today’s eyewear market generates approximately 300 Mill new pairs of eyewear sold each year globally, with approximately 2 Billion eyeglass wearers worldwide. This does not include non-prescription sunglasses.

The company’s mission is to create and leverage innovation for the purpose of acting as a catalyst in supporting the growth of these above mentioned markets. Thus, by doing so it is believed the company can provide its investors / shareholders with an attractive rate of investment return. The company’s product offerings are as follows:

Pogo-Power: A proprietary energy transfer system to provide wireless power to compatible electronic wearable devices with distance separation, orientation freedom and the ability to travel "Anywhere and Everywhere". The proprietary Pogo-Power™ system transfers energy and data with ultra-compact receiving components so that electronic wearable devices can be designed smaller. One of many examples is that Pogo-Power™ has the potential of eliminating landfills of batteries used in hearing aids by providing a wireless charging solution for hearing aids (thus eliminating the need for disposable batteries).

Pogo-Cam™: Is the world’s smallest look and shoot camera attachable and detachable (to / from) eyewear. This camera attaches magnetically to a small proprietary track which looks like a fashion design feature incorporated into eyewear. If desired Pogo-Cam™ can remain mostly out of sight and responds with a gentle touch. It produces high quality images and HD video with audio. The images can be wirelessly transferred to your smart phone and then to your social site. There is no longer the need to photograph the world while looking at your smartphone screen. Simply look and capture a picture or video and slide Pogo-Cam™ out of the way when you don't need it. It is charged wirelessly using Pogo-Power™.

Pogo-Track™: An almost invisible track that allows for electronic wearable devices to be attached magnetically to eyewear without distracting from the fashion design of eyewear. Pogo-Track™ appears as a fashion design element that is incorporated into the eyewear temple. Eyewear frames with Pogo-Track™ are wearable device ready. This proprietary track is intended to become a standardize track for all eyewear frames in the optical industry. There are approximately 300 Million pairs sold each year in the world with approximately 2 Billion current wearers worldwide.

Deal Highlights

  • Pogo-Track™ development is largely complete for 2017 launch
  • Pogo-Cam™ development targeted to be largely complete by September 2016
  • Pogo-Power™ development is largely complete for 2017 launch for wirelessly charging Pogo-Cam™
  • Anticipated launch date for company offerings is March 2017 with the venue being Vision Expo East at the Javits Center in NYC
  • Just successfully closed a transaction with a global household name brand that is sold in 70,000 locations around the world. This brand and the company behind it will be one of PogoTec's™ channel launch partners in Q1, 2017.
  • Numerous patent applications filed with USPTO
  • Most, but not all, development work finished
  • Market opportunity verified by independent consumer research with over 1,000 subjects
  • Experienced management team in place that has done this many times before
  • Over $3 million of capital raised in total to date that has allowed present progress to occur.

The company cannot guarantee forward looking statements of any kind whether disclosed orally or in written form.


9 Employees


  • Just successfully closed a transaction with a global household name brand that is sold in 70,000 locations around the world.

    April, 2016
  • Channel partner for Department Stores lined up as of March 2016

    March, 2016
  • To date, raised aggregate totaling over $3 million for PogoTec™ as of March 2016

    March, 2016
  • World’s largest eyewear company in a category to be launch partner lined up as of Feburary 2016

    February, 2016
  • Channel partner for Mass Markets lined up as of February 2016

    February, 2016
  • Interest expressed in Pogo-Power™ by 7 Global Billion Dollar companies at The International Consumer Electronics Show 2016

    January, 2016
  • Channel partner for Optical Shops lined up as of December 2015

    December, 2015