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PocketMoney Coupons

PocketMoney Coupons

Connecting college student's discretionary spending to the local merchants when they need it the most!

Atlanta, Georgia, US

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Company Overview

PocketMoney is a fast-growing college marketing company started in 2015, by experienced marketing professionals in Atlanta, Georgia, as an idea to bridge the gap between college students on a budget and the local businesses in college towns that rely on the student's discretionary spending.

The local merchants have limited marketing options to effectively reach the students as they're prohibited from soliciting on campus. PocketMoney is a complete marketing solution for the local merchants that allows them to tap into the $163B student discretionary spending market for 2017.

During the summer, we have an army of college interns working with the local merchants on their marketing plans and selling them ad space into our mobile app. Our teams of Brand Ambassadors keep our brand top of mind for the students all year which equates to generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue for the local merchants while saving students thousands of dollars each semester!

At the clic of a button on our mobile app, students can use our digital promotions to receive discounted products and services at their favorite local places. Our app utilizes geofencing to send push messages to the user to alert them to deals nearby! This keeps our app top of mind for the students!

We launched at eleven colleges in the southeast and the response was nothing short of extraordinary! Today, PocketMoney is operating in twenty four college towns and we are ready to go to market across the country leveraging a nationwide market of over 3,600 colleges. We've just expanded our digital platform to include Website Design, SEO, SEM, Custom Videos, Reputation Monitoring, and Social Media Campaigns!

We are laser focused on scaling our marketing platform to the strongest college towns and dramatically increasing our company footprint and revenue year over year!


Mobile App


Sends push messages to users when they're near a business!

Open to all verticals
Loyalty Program - encourages repeat business - creates customer retention
No offer restrictions - use the offers anywhere anytime
Free to download for everyone - not just college students



5239 Users
$289,000 Sales
4 Employees

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Sales Revenue - $289,000

August, 2017

YOY Mobile App Downloads + 1290%

August, 2017

YOY Mobile App Customer Base + 60%

August, 2017


“We signed over 50 leases thanks to our ad in the PMC coupon book!"
Tom O'Brian Property Manager
Tom O'Brian
"That was a great ad last year. I want the cover again this year!"
Marcus McCants Owner
Marcus McCants
"I love what you guys are doing. The GPS aspect to your app will help me stand apart from the other Larry's Subs in the area. You guys really thought of everything!"
Sarah Whitfield Owner
Sarah Whitfield
"You can tell any other Domino's that isn't sure about working with you to CALL ME and I'll tell them this works. We saw a ton of new customers coming in with PocketMoney coupons!"
Gracie Smith Marketing Manager
Gracie Smith
"We love our partnership with PocketMoney Coupons. As soon as the students realize that they don't like the campus gym, we sign a TON of gym memberships with students using their coupon from their coupon book"
Bill Merckel Managing Partner
Bill Merckel
"PocketMoney is one of our favorite ways to reach the students!"
Mira Milburn General Manager
Mira Milburn
"The coupons worked last year just like every year. We're further away from campus so these coupons give the students a reason to come out and eat here!"
Clint Winslow Managing Partner
Clint Winslow
"We've been using your coupon book since it started. Each year we tattoo hundreds of students that come in with those coupons"
Tim Denis Owner
Tim Denis
"PocketMoney kept my staff busy last year giving the students oil changes and repairs"
John Carney Owner
John Carney
"The PocketMoney coupons were really popular with the students. Each day we saw students coming in with their app and coupon book for deals."
Brandy Heinlein General Manager
Brandy Heinlein
"We get a lot of new freshman as customers with that coupon book. We have to do it each year"
Erik Todt Owner
Erik Todt
"We utilize many marketing vehicles to reach the students. PocketMoney works great and drives us a strong return"
Aurelio Ruiz Owner
Aurelio Ruiz
"We get a ton of those coupons back in. The students love them"
Mandy Hackenbury Managing Partner
Mandy Hackenbury