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Planetsafe, Inc.

Planetsafe, Inc.

First natural products to outperform Tide®, Windex®, Febreze® & more!

Company Overview

Planetsafe is a pioneering global leader in the development of natural technologies that outperform chemical products. Made from 100% renewable & sustainable natural ingredients, our patented formulations create powerful, new green products that actually surpass the performance of their chemical counterparts -- while providing unique, new benefits unavailable in other products.

Evolve - This green CAN clean!

The company’s natural green cleaning formula was introduced to the U.S. cleaning market in spring 2016 at Walmart and Kmart as Evolve® , a new line of consumer cleaning and laundry products. The six month test market in 1,800+ stores saw strong retail sales with Walmart reporting a 70% repurchase rate by consumers — a product loyalty rivaling name brand products purchased by consumers for decades.

Evolve’s natural biotech seeks out, surrounds and extracts soil, stains, odors, and even bacteria at the molecular level, allowing its cleaning performance to surpass chemical based products such as Tide®, Windex®, Febreze® and many others-- while actually costing consumers less!

Evolve Spring 2018 U.S. Retail Launch

In spring 2018, Planetsafe will introduce a new line of six Evolve® home cleaning and laundry products in 16,000 retail stores in the U.S. and online, growing to 50,000 stores by 2020.

Spearheading the launch will be Evolve's disinfecting & deodorizing laundry detergent, the first EPA approved detergent to allow consumers to clean, disinfect and deodorize their laundry at home in a single wash, killing 99.9% of bacteria other detergents leave behind. Prior to Planetsafe's biobased technologies, the development of a disinfecting laundry detergent has been the holy grail of the laundry industry.

Evolve’s superior cleaning performance allows the new brand to be sold to ALL consumers, not just green buyers, making its market 30X larger than green competitors such as Seventh Generation, The Honest Company, and even Clorox Green Works. These companies sell primarily to dedicated green buyers, representing only 3% of the U.S. home cleaning market.

Although society is increasingly more environmentally aware each year , people have learned from experience that "natural" cleaning means less effective and more expensive — the cost of “going green” is not worth it for most. Evolve allows consumers and small businesses to reduce and often eliminate the use of toxic, chemical cleaning compounds and replace those with natural products that work better and cost less — while being absolutely safe.

Planetsafe is the bridge between wanting to “go green” and actually doing it!


24 Issued Patents
$3,000,000 Sales
500,000 Users

Pitch Deck


  • Fortune 500 company expresses interest in licensing Planetsafe's all natural Clean Sharp permanent ink remover.

    May, 2017
  • Disinfecting & sanitizing formulas completed with bacteria kill rates 100X above EPA requirements

    February, 2017
  • Planetsafe acquires controlling interest in Agaia, Inc.

    January, 2017
  • Consumer test of 8 Evolve cleaning & laundry products begins in 1,800 Walmart & Kmart stores

    March, 2016
  • Walmart asks to replace Great Value Natural private label with genuine Evolve® brand of products.

    June, 2015
  • Evolve® products Green Seal™ certified for commercial use, including first laundry detergent to be certified by Green Seal.

    July, 2014
  • Walmart’s Great Value Natural™ cleaning & laundry products based on Evolve® hits 2,300 supercenters in U.S.

    October, 2013
  • First U.S. patent #8,455,426 issued for Evolve

    June, 2013


Amazing detergent
"Evolve's laundry soap is AMAZING! It is hard to describe how the clothes just come out clean. Really clean. But no scent. It literally smells like clothes- that are clean."
I am a true convert... safe for my dogs
"Always looking for pet safe cleaners. Bought this a while back but didn't use much until a few months ago. OH MY GOODNESS. It cleaned my walls and pet door like a champ. My brother, bachelor with 2 boys and a dog, went on vacation. I cleaned his kitchen top to bottom, every surface. Tried on my special tile and grout and now I am a true convert. "
Best Glass cleaner ever!
"Evolve Glass Cleaner IS AMAZING. It cleaned my inside windshield beautifully with NO STREAKS! Mirrors are beautifully brighter ...window are as well!"
Jackie Mc
Jackie Mc
This product is fab Period.
"I have used green detergents for years and just accepted that my clothes would not be as clean as I like. This product is very different, it actually works to clean clothes, leaving them smelling fresh without a scent. It even cleaned the inside of my washer that used to smell like mildew. No more mildew...woohoo! If its working that well on the washer I can only imagine what it's getting out of the clothes, lol."
Evolve outperforms every other product we've
"We've used other green cleaning detergents, but when we used Evolve, we knew it was different. Instantly. Taking the clothes out of the dryer, they smelled clean, like clothing should, like cotton. It does everything it says it will do. We are definitely converts to the new evolve brand and have already tried most of the other products in their new retail line. All so affordable, too! It's great to be able to use products that are safe for our family!"
It really works!
"I am highly sensitive to fragrances and I call this my "magic spray". It works incredibly well to eliminate odors on surfaces, fabrics, etc. Sometimes it take a few applications if the odor is very strong but, over time, it does remove the odors. This product has helped me to lead a fuller life as I can use it in my home or my car, or take it with me and use it as needed. Thank you for this product!!!"
Jackie Mc
Jackie Mc
"Not only did Clean Extreme work on the big greasy mess on the stove, it apparently really is green. I sprayed Clean Extreme on the mess and turned my back for a second, only to turn back and see one of my cats up on the stove scarfing down the emulsified gunk as fast as she could. Yikes! Stove top cleaned up to shiny bright and cat is fine, didn't notice any side effects of her ingestion of this cleaner. Can't recommend highly enough!"
Arnetta Holifield
Arnetta Holifield
It is the bomb.
"Used the Evolve Hard Water Scale and Lime Remover. It was the bomb! It took the tough scale deposits and Lime buildup off my glass shower door. I've tried other products but this is by far the best ever! I will be buying more!"