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The Pink Mansion Inn

The Pink Mansion Inn

10% annually interest on investment in addition to principal.

This company and others may be fundraising.

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Company Overview

A unique opportunity to invest in an existing and well established hospitality property in a premiere region of California known for fine wines and dining experience. The Pink Mansion inn is an established bed & breakfast with 50 years of operation that is fully licensed and permitted by the town of Calistoga, California.

This boutique residence offers the ultimate experience for guest who are looking to getaway and enjoy the finest activities in Napa Valley, California. All guest enjoy complimentary wines as well as services, as needed. Each room is designed to be cozy with complete privacy.

The proposal comes in two phases.

The first phase is to acquire the main property, which is the Pink Mansion inn.

The second phase is to acquire an adjoining property to expand the inn and add cottages.

Please see attached business plan for further details such as renderings, illustrations, and amenities.

Investment: $2500 reservation at 10% return, 3 to 5 years length of investment.

Option exist to turn investment into equity+investment.

Napa Valley are has lots of upside and potential, supported by strong tourism growth.


Cash Flow Positive
3 Employees
$480,000 Sales


  • Renderings and illustrations were completed.

    March, 2017
  • Site plan was completed.

    March, 2017


Shenska -Bay Area
Shenska -Bay Area
""A Hidden Napa Valley Gem!""