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Pegasus Flights, Inc.

Pegasus Flights, Inc.

A transportation network company that connects private jet operators and passengers

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Company Overview

Currently, there is no US-based platform to charter private flights without paying for exorbitant membership fees, jet cards, or brokerage fees. Pegasus is a network transportation company that coordinates supply and demand in the private aviation industry by matching passengers seeking to charter private aircraft with private jet operators. The private charter market generates $12B in revenue in the US alone.

Our team members possess access to a deep network of relationships within private aviation, finance, law, and entertainment. Our co-founders and advisors include:

- a technical co-founder who's developed an app for private jet operators;

- a Harvard graduate, entrepreneur, and brand ambassador for American Airlines;

- a private jet broker who arranges over $500,000 of chartered flights per year;

- a private jet operator with over 10 years of experience; and

- a former Goldman Sachs investment banker with 20 years of experience.