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Transparent foreign exchange pricing, efficient technology, great fintech!

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Company Overview

We launched Paymentearth on August 1, 2016, to bring transparent foreign exchange pricing to middle-market businesses based in the U.S., with our simple-to-use technology and best-in-industry customer service.

Our founders have over 40 years of combined industry experience, and in the short time we’ve been in business, over 400 corporate clients have come onboard at Paymentearth. We are now at a point where we want to leverage our excellent first year’s growth by adding new staff (we know countless reps in the industry and its time to bring the sharp ones on board!), and develop a simple-to-use iOS and Android app for clients to place orders efficiently. As part of this app, we'd like to build a new account application page that simplifies compliance checks and gives instant approval!

Transparency in the cross-border payment world is becoming more and more commonplace, but is often approached from a ‘cookie-cutter,’ one-price-fits-all mentality. We go about it a little differently. We analyze your business’ needs, and offer a sustainable price on all trades, along with a straightforward online system to enter payments...we believe that is good Fintech!

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