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Paydaybonds Holdings Corp.

Paydaybonds Holdings Corp.

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Company Overview

In Jan. 23, 2018, Paydaybonds Holdings Corporation was established for the purpose of carrying out offering and financing the consumer lending business of the Pay2day. Paydaybonds Holdings Corporation was established as separate company that is controlled by a publicly-traded company in order to allow the Bonds issued pursuant to this offering to be qualified investments for Registered investment in Canada.

Paydaybonds Holdings Corporation does not carry on any business other than selling Bonds under the offering, loaning funds to the Pay2day, and engaging in activities related to the foregoing. All consumer lending is carried out by Pay2day.

Pay2day is a Canadian regulated and licensed payday loan company that provides payday loan, cheque cashing, wire transfer, money order, prepaid card, mortgage and upcoming insurance and investment services in Canada.