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A regional Solution for Meltblown Fabric to the Face Mask Industry

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Company Overview

Our company has, since February of 2020, successfully navigated and moved into the face mask selling business serving the Latin American market.

However, after working our business model, we have come to realize that the real business has now become making of the raw materials and filter material required to make any type of Class 1 right up to to Class 3 standard facemasks. It's the one ring that unites them all!

The middle layer of every surgical, civil use, N95 and KN95 mask contains the same material - Meltblown Fabric. Usually ranging from a PFE95 level to at PFE99 level.

Prices of this material have gone through the roof in China over the past several months, and demand does not look like it's slowing down anytime soon.

It has been trading as high as USD$100,000/Metric Ton.

We believe that the business of Meltblown Fabric is one that can provide regional clients who are now starting to get into their own production of masks with a more local or regional supplier for this high cost material, but at a much more competitive price closer to USD$50,000/Metric Ton.

The raw plastic pellet material required to make the Meltblown Fabric (known as PP1500) retails for a fraction of the resulting material price, and produces more than a Metric Ton of Fabric each batch.

This represents a very healthy rate of return on the raw material to final fabric cost. There are no other materials required to make the final product, only the PP1500 pellets and the machinery itself.

We believe, from our strategically located factory in the capital city of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, we can become one of the leading suppliers outside of China and serve customers throughout the North American, and Latin American Markets, possibly even greater.

We would provide a much more cost effective solution for a high demand product from an alternative location.