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DROPA is feature length motion picture with secured distribution.

Houston, Texas, US

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$12,000 of $252,000

DROPA Movie is raising $252,000 with a minimum reservation of $9,000. Numbers displayed include non-binding reservations before investors are verified, signed, or closed.


  • The movie has a worldwide sales agent, distributor & IRS 181 election.
  • Movie in final stages of post-production requiring visual effects.
  • Initial revenue will go towards investors until they recoup 150%.

Elevator Pitch

Sci-fi action-thriller positioned to take advantage of the new wave of Hollywood science fiction movies.


Patriot Act Movie, LLC is formed. The project qualifies for the Domestic Film Production Incentive Program (Section 181).

April, 2011

Martin Delon meets with Brady Bowen of Los Angeles, CA based Archstone Distribution. Archstone becomes the film's sales agent.

November, 2011

Director Wayne Slaten meets with Hollywood visual effects company Factory VFX. They become the project's lead visual effects company.

March, 2012

The Patriot Act script is a quarterfinalist in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Nicholl Fellowships Screenwriting Competition.

July, 2012

Script revisions completed.

October, 2013

Pre-production begins.

February, 2016

Principle photography begins on the film in Houston, Galveston and Brenham, Texas.

May, 2016

Production wraps.

January, 2017

Post-production on music score begins.

October, 2017

Post-production film edit begins.

April, 2017

Based on marketing research and feedback, project given new title - 'Dropa".

September, 2017

Picture lock on edit.

October, 2017

Color correction and color grading begins.

October, 2017

Post-production on sound mix and design begins.

November, 2017

Visual effects bid received from Factory VFX and RotoFactory.

November, 2017

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen when the film is completed?

The producers of DROPA have secured worldwide sales and distribution through Los Angeles based Archstone Distribution. Completed films can wait months and years, if at all, to secure some form of domestic or international distribution. This increases the time investors can expect to wait to see a return on their investment. With a sales representative/distributor already in place, Patriot Act will be sold to territories immediately following it’s completion.

What actors are attached to this project?

1. Veteran actor James Hong (R.I.P.D., Blade Runner, Big Trouble in Little China) 2. Jason Douglas (The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, No Country for Old Men) 3.David Matranga (Starship Troopers: Invasion, Ghost in the Shell, Appleseed Apha)

How much of the movie has been completed to date?

Pre-production and production completed. The movie is picture locked wnad currently in post-production on music score, sound and color grade.

What is the distribution plan for the film?

The initial distribution stage for DROPA is a theatrical platform release in major U.S. cities. The theatrical release will rely on the final cut and distributor’s preexisting relationships with exhibitors (theaters, i.e. AMC and Loews) and the producers’ experience with four-wall distribution through regional chains like Texas based Alamo Drafthouse. While initially limited, this first stage in the distribution strategy is the most economically sound approach for $10 million and under films and has proven a successful model for non-studio independent films in recent years. Based on the strength of the box office sales, the film will be expanded to additional theaters and markets. This theatrical release platform, regardless of the strength of sales and exposure, has a significant impact on the film’s ability to maximize its potential profits in worldwide markets and through other distribution outlets.

Will the production quality of the finished film be up to Hollywood standards?

The DROPA team brings over 100 combined years of production to this project. The director has gained a reputation for creating solid bang-for-the-buck productions. The visual effects company, Factory VFX, has completed shots in over fifty feature films. Their clients include Columbia Pictures, Disney Pictures, New Line Cinema, Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios and Warner Brothers. Their film credits include The Percy Jackson films, all of the Fast & Furious franchise movies, The Maze Runner, Super 8, Wolverine, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Internship and Milk.