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Pasadena Angels

Pasadena Angels

Southern California’s Most Respected and Connected Group of Accredited Investors

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Company Overview

The Pasadena Angels is devoted to helping forward-thinking innovators, creators and entrepreneurs with the mentorship and funding that fuels success.

Small businesses are major engines of job growth and the cornerstone of emergent technologies, but many companies are unable to acquire the capital funding and guidance they need during the critical early phases of the venture.

Our member-led organization offers early-stage companies an opportunity to harness the insights and experience of more than a 100 successful entrepreneurs, senior executives, technologists and skilled professionals from a diverse set of industries.

We have invested more than $30 million dollars of early-stage capital to dozens of companies in Southern California, from $100 thousand up to $1.5 million in early-stage and seed funding. Additionally, we cooperate with a network of venture capital firms and angel investment groups through syndication to help support companies seeking $1 million to $5 million in funding.

As a nonprofit entity, our members invest individually and directly, making a personal commitment to your company. We review all business plans and provide feedback without charge to all companies who apply. Those that we believe have a significant potential for success and the potential to benefit from an association with us are invited to present to our membership at a monthly breakfast meeting. Pasadena Angels, Inc. does not invest directly or act as an investment agent.