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Peer-to-peer based street parking

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Company Overview

ParKarma is a mobile solution for street parking headaches in major metropolitan cities like Chicago, Illinois. Over 45% of car owners in the city of Chicago park on the street without a garage. Drivers can add up to 30% to their commutes by circling the block looking for street parking. ParKarma helps drivers find street parking up to 30% faster.

ParKarma helps alleviate the miles added and the worsening gas mileage tied with finding street parking. ParKarma is unique because there are no other peer-to-peer based apps out there that help the community in finding street parking.

ParKarma is community-focused. It aims to solve parking but is more marketed towards drivers who want to help change the negative stigma associated with street parking. Pay-it-forward parking helps us all work together instead of against one another when playing the savage game of street parking.


  • 100+ beta users signed up

    February, 2017
  • Back-end coding built out

    March, 2017
  • 8.7% Conversion/Lead Rate for Visitors to the Page

    September, 2017
  • 500 beta users signed up

    October, 2017

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