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Bringing Together Your Favorite Apps, Services, and Content Into A Single Platform

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Company Overview

Bring together your favorite apps, services, and content into a single platform.

Pairade allows users to combine your favorite apps and services into a single platform. The way we consume apps will change in the near future; downloading each individual app experience is inefficient and provides for low user retention. Thus, we are creating a central hub for these apps, services, and content: a single app platform that allows you to access all your favorite stuff, instantly. It's all inside your Card.

About Our Team

Prior to founding Pairade, the founders bootstrapped three multi-million dollar businesses with over $20M in revenue. We have been profiled in Entrepreneur, Forbes, Inc, Fast Company, Huffington Post, Elite Daily, TNW, Venture Beat, Mashable, and many others. We also had over 5 apps hit the top of the app store charts generating tens of millions of downloads and millions in revenue. We are the original creators of app chart toppers like Instaliker, Instakey, Wakaville, and Celebrity Streetfight.

About Pairade & NATIV

Our Executive Team has been working together for 4+ years on the app builder platform - NATIV is the base technology behind Pairade, through which we have licensing deals with major companies, and over 20,000 apps built. Investors participating in Pairade's current offering at the $8.5M valuation cap get a stake in NATIV, enabling investors to hedge their investment in Pairade.


Founders bootstrapped three multi-million dollar businesses with over $20M in revenue

March, 2016

Aggregate social reach with influencers on the platform is over 100,000,000 fans

March, 2016

High profile well-known investors, 4 of which created billion dollar business or are billionaires themselves, venture backed.

March, 2016

Investors include Mark Cuban, Great Oak Ventures, Graphene Ventures and more

March, 2016

Licensed Pairade's foundational technology NATIV App Builder to Ticketmaster subsidiaries

March, 2016


I chose to work with this team because it was clear from the beginning that they are a smart group of entrepreneurs driven to succeed in their mission to democratize the app industry.
Mark Cuban Dallas Mavericks Owner
Mark Cuban
Pairade's leadership has superb command of the entire digital toolbox. Their team's background makes them well equipped to build a game-changing product. There is a clear unmet need in mobile today and their solution is tackling it head on by unifying discovery, engagement, and monetization into a single, easy to use platform.
John Philosophos Partner - Great Oaks Venture Capital
John Philosophos