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PaeDae, Inc.

PaeDae, Inc.

Brand Advertising Made for Mobile

Santa Monica, California, US

technology, tech startup, Advertising & Marketing

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Connects PaeDae to over 150,000 developers

January, 2014

Beat revenue projections by over 150%

December, 2013


Team Member Name

Lauren Wolff

Creative Director

Lauren Wolff is currently Creative Director at PaeDae and former CEO and cofounder of spotsi- a web and mobile platform to help unlock the stories of a city.... Read More
Team Member Name

Samuel Tam

Sr. Director of Ad Operations

Media and mobile professional with immense experience in startup environments. Read More
Team Member Name

Ann Darnell

Account Associate

Team Member Name

Andrea Flores

Developer Relations Manager

Team Member Name

Jake Denny

VP, Ad Sales

Digital marketing executive working in the mobile space. Jake Denny joined the digital world as the music industry was undergoing significant change. As ... Read More
Team Member Name

Miguel Morales

VP, Engineering

Team Member Name

Marcelo Wiermann

Senior Applications Engineer

Team Member Name

Hana Woldin

VP Operations