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pacific island  fisheries ltd

pacific island fisheries ltd

i have a company providing income to isolated island communities in western pacific from dried salted fish and copra

Elimbah, Queensland, AU

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Company Overview

I retired 7 years ago and started sailing around the islands of the western Pacific, Vanuatu, solomons, and Bougainville islands, when talking with the islanders i found they had plenty of fish and copra, The problem with the fish was they didnt know how to preserve it without refrigeration, they have always had fresh fish, so preserving was not needed, i showed how to salt and dry the fish. I also brought a oil press to make coconut oil from the copra, this was to be used to fuel the boat going around the islands, i was asked to find a market for the fish, i am now supplying 4 tons a month @ $5.50 a pound for export, i have found i cannot keep up the demand from my customers.

I find i need a bigger vessel to go to more villages and increase my supply of products, hence the need for funding, over the last 50 years many people and companies have put freezers around the islands, ALL have failed after a time. The idea of drying the fish fits with the village life-style, they dry coconut to make copra, and the fish can also be dried in the copra drier at the pace the people like to work at, as an investor you would be helping village people with a income and making money as well, there is enough profit for all involved.