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Pepper Bot

Pepper Bot

First Personalized Bot Platform for Going Out

Mountain View, California, US

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$165,000 of $350,000

Pepper Bot is raising $350,000 with a minimum reservation of $5,000. Numbers displayed include non-binding reservations before investors are verified, signed, or closed.


  • Pepper Bot - AI friend who knows all the best food & drink hangouts
  • Pepper Beacons - Router units that deliver wifi, beacons, & cameras
  • Pepper Platform - Social media suite for aggregation & deal promotions

Elevator Pitch

Pepper promotes small restaurants and connects them to relevant users with artificial intelligence.


Welcome our New Partner: Ticket Evolution. We launched 2B ticket inventory to book straight from Pepper bot.

October, 2017

111K+ User Engagements across promoted events

October, 2017

Shakira promoted by Pepper Bot. Her fan base will get the newest experience.

February, 2017

Super Bowl Ads promoted by Pepper:

February, 2017

Comedian Emily Heller joins in the Pepper bot. Her comedy events will be featured to grow her fan base.

January, 2017

Pepper pitches on Sharks Tank in San Francisco and makes finals.

December, 2016

Pepper launches on FB messenger to notify users of smart choices around them via chat.

December, 2016

Pepper by Spotlight Studio raises 135k in the first day of its Series AA funding campaign.

December, 2016

Spotlight Studio partners with Cisco Meraki to deliver proximity marketing to restaurants and bars via wifi, beacons, and cameras.

December, 2016

Pepper pitches in Warsaw Poland's Wolves Summit tech and innovation conference focused on networking

August, 2016

Atlas Solutions Group, startup incubator, partners with Spotlight Studio.

March, 2016

Spotlight Studio launches one of the first beacon powered smart retail stores in Latin America:

March, 2015

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Pepper Bot?

Pepper is an artificial intelligence bot to find restaurant and bar specials.

What is the Pepper Unit?

The Pepper Unit is a wireless router that supports wifi-aware, beacon, and geofencing technologies.

Who is Pepper?

Pepper is your friendly AI bot that talks fluent wifi-aware, beacon, and geofencing. As your friend, she knows your preferences. As a bot with connections, she knows all the local hangouts and deals.

How does Pepper help customers?

Pepper's niche is creating relevant recommendations for users based on: • Restaurant hours, styles, and food types • Users social profile information (yelp, foursquare, facebook, groupon, eventbrite...) • User's location, time of day and user daily habits

How does Pepper help vendors?

Vendors get immediate access to nearby customers enabling them to promote their brand more effectively. • Increase in relevant customers • Tracking users that come in the venue • Understanding their ROI and successful product lines