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Pepper Bot

Pepper Bot

First Personalized Bot Platform for Going Out

Mountain View, California, US

bars, artificial intelligence, events, coupons, restaurant, celebrities, fans, sports, cheer, wave, chant, jingle, brand, proximity marketing, beacons, ai marketing, wifi management app, social aggregation, bots, chatbots, fans

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Company Overview

Chatbot Platform that Promotes Places to Go Out

Our chatbot platform uses artificial intelligence, big data and influencer marketing to promote restaurants, bars, events, and celebrities. Bots on Facebook, Google, and IBM are quickly advancing the promotion of services and they are fun to use! See


Find out more at

Restaurants & Nightlife

Grow Your Customer Base. Where restaurants and nightlife come to broadcast their business to the masses.

  1. WiFi Beacon Ads - Proximity marketing opens exciting new ways to reach potential customers. Our WiFi beacon advertising solution makes it easy to increase your local awareness and boost revenue
  2. Directory Management - Local listings management made easy. We help local search engines and new customers find your business online across all major listing channels.
  3. Celebrity Promotion - Positive reviews are great, but they are even greater when they come from celebrities. We connect your business with entertainers fans with social blasts.

Entertainers & Celebrities

Grow Your Fanbase. Where entertainers and celebrities come to improve fan engagement and reach.
  1. Chatbot Manager - Chatbots are an exciting new way to reach more fans. Acting as your entourage manager, your AI chatbot quickly learns everything about you and helps you engage fans in a fun way.
  2. Bio & Social Media - Biography and social media management made easy. We tailor a social media suite to monitor all your channels (IMDB, Facebook, Youtube…) so you never miss fan engagement.
  3. Event Promotion - Event promotion across multiple channels can take up a huge chunk of time. Our event management solution automates the process making your life easier.

Pepper - Your VIP Friend

Your AI friend that hooks you up with all the cool places and specials.

Pepper is fluent in social aggregation, beacon, and popularity tracking. As your friend, it knows your preferences. As a bot with connections, it knows all the local hangouts and deals.

Pepper Platform is the next proximity marketing solution for events, restaurants and bars. Pepper Beacon units powered by Cisco Meraki utilize micro-location tech to promote specials.

Social promotion is built into the Pepper Platform including free wifi via Facebook connect for customers. It is an integrated social media suite for vendors.

Just like ATMs in the 90s, we will quickly find a home in every restaurant and bar. Imagine if you had invested in an ATM startups back in the day. Your pocket book would be very happy.

Check out Pepper app at

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Welcome our New Partner: Ticket Evolution. We launched 2B ticket inventory to book straight from Pepper bot.

October, 2017

111K+ User Engagements across promoted events

October, 2017

Shakira promoted by Pepper Bot. Her fan base will get the newest experience.

February, 2017

Super Bowl Ads promoted by Pepper:

February, 2017

Comedian Emily Heller joins in the Pepper bot. Her comedy events will be featured to grow her fan base.

January, 2017

Pepper pitches on Sharks Tank in San Francisco and makes finals.

December, 2016

Pepper launches on FB messenger to notify users of smart choices around them via chat.

December, 2016

Pepper by Spotlight Studio raises 135k in the first day of its Series AA funding campaign.

December, 2016

Spotlight Studio partners with Cisco Meraki to deliver proximity marketing to restaurants and bars via wifi, beacons, and cameras.

December, 2016

Pepper pitches in Warsaw Poland's Wolves Summit tech and innovation conference focused on networking

August, 2016

Atlas Solutions Group, startup incubator, partners with Spotlight Studio.

March, 2016

Spotlight Studio launches one of the first beacon powered smart retail stores in Latin America:

March, 2015


Armando is part of one of the most challenging and prestigious groups at Google, Ads. Armando's designs are always thinking about the user and the goals of the company. He has strong attention to detail, works well with PMs and Engineers, and creates beautiful world-class experiences, all which make him a high caliber and talented designer.
Manuel Martinez UX & Visual Designer, Google
Manuel Martinez
Armando is passionate about creating the best possible user experience within the business and technical constraints of the project. He also brings with him superior skills in Visio and creates very readable deliverables. It's been great having him on my team at Cisco.
Cecilia Huster Senior UI designer at Financial Engines
Cecilia Huster
I had the great pleasure to work with Armando at Cisco in the Strategic Pricing &Solutions Organization for 2 years. Armando is hard working and dedicated to find ways to improve and streamline existing processes. He assisted in the design and led the team in the re-architecture of the Enterprise Discount Mgmt’ Solution, while creating well defined processes. He was very well respected and would be a great asset on any team.
Pat Martinez Procurement Analyst at Apple
Pat Martinez
I was very fortunate to have Armando work for me in the Pricing and Discounting organization at Cisco. Armando is an extremely hardworking and dedicated individual with tremendous talent and skill. Armando helps bring business processes to life making the experience for users simple and intuitive. He works diligently with all parties within the project (from users to business owners to IT developers) to translate core business processes and requirements into innovative, creative solutions.
Kathy Gilbert-O'Neil, MBA Director Professional Services, Delivery Assu
Kathy Gilbert-O'Neil, MBA
I have had the opportunity of working with Nathan at Intellisync as well as Nokia. He is one of the few multi-talented engineers I have ever had the privilege of working with. I am impressed with his technical skills as well as problem solving skills. He is very well organized and I could always count on him to deliver. In addition to being a very talented developer, he is able to manage customer expectations extremely well.
Subhas Shetty Senior Engineering Leader
Subhas Shetty
Nathan is very sharp. He catches onto new technologies extremely fast. Is a brilliant Software/Web Developer, excellent Project Lead and Manager.
Jay Hildreth Developer Support Engineer
Jay Hildreth
Garrett could be described as Cisco's very own encyclopedia - he is the fountain of all knowledge and is always willing to provide assistance and guidance when asked. Garrett works endless hours across the globe - attending calls and meetings at all hours of the day or night, and always with a smile on his face. He is without a doubt an invaluable asset to both the people he works for, and the people who are lucky enough to work with him!
Karen Wright Operations Lead and Senior Programme Manager
Karen Wright


Team Member Name
An architect and mobile design expert who has delivered social chat and selfie apps as well as explored the internet of things for smart homes Read More Unverified
Team Member Name

Angela Mariel

Research & Product Manager

Architect and Researcher for market opportunities, she has supported the concept development from the start Read More Unverified

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