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Your professional solution to all your Optical needs.

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Company Overview

OpticalTrends is a family owned and operated Optical Business. We trade and offer services related to prescription eyewear, protective eyewear, and contact lenses.

We started our company based on two main facts:

  • We love Opticianry, not only as a science, but its intrinsic capability to have a positive impact on health and well being of our community. It is very difficult to lead a successful life without good vision.
  • More than 48% (almost half) of all parents with children under 12 have never taken their child to an eyecare professional. This not only indicates the Opticianry industry is far from reaching its full potential as a business, but also that there is a good deal of professional work that needs to be implemented in order to help these children have access to proper technologies that could help them succeed at school and in life.

Our company will succeed simply because it is entrenched in one of the most solid industries available today. We don't trade in a commodity, we offer a paramount service:

  1. More than 150 million Americans use prescription eyewear.
  2. More than 36 million Americans use contact lenses.
  3. More than 12 Million adults needs some sort of visual correction yet use none. Hence, there is enough space for growth.
  4. Over 70% of the entire USA labor force requires some sort of vision correction.
  5. Over 61% of the entire USA population needs some sort of vision correction.
  6. 100% of the population needs eyewear protection against UV radiation, as well as radiation coming from computer screens, tablets and other electronic devices.
  7. Life expectancy is over 80 years. This means every single year an ever growing segment of the population is 40 years or older requiring some sort of vision correction.
  8. 1 in 4 newborns are born with a refractive error.

These facts have prompted that the Opticianry industry is expected to grow at an annual rate of 3.1% surpassing the very growth rate of the entire US economy, which is expected to grow only 2.1%.

On 2005, the Opticianry industry was more than 17 billion dollars, and by 2009 (Disregarding the country was passing through one of the biggest economy crisis in its history) the Opticianry Industry increased its size to more than 34 billion dollars. The Opticianry industry almost doubled in size in just 4 years.

Why investing in OpticalTrends is a solid and secure investment?

Simply because when this country hit bottom rock and the car and banking industries were asking for billions of dollars in bailouts, the Opticianry industry was BOOMING... AND WE STILL ARE.


206,000,000 Users
$34,000,000,000 Sales
250% ROI

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