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One Step to Healing Your Skin & One Step to Healing The Planet

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O'lena,Inc. is a USA based company.We currently have our products hand made here in the United States an plan on having them manufactured here as well. Our products are all natural & chemical free

Company Overview

At O’lena Skin Care we are all about Eco-friendly products that not only benefit the environment but also help repair damaged skin. We also use recyclable packaging with as little plastic as possible. Plus we completely animal cruelty free!

We currently have 4 different products with five scents in each with many more to come. Currently, have one store location in Odessa, Texas. Looking to expand our company with mass production to sale at multiple locations physical as well as e-commerce.

Our product line contains Body Butters, Facial Masks, Lip Balms, along with Hand & Foot Balms. Some of these scents include Honeysuckle, Peppermint, and Eucalyptus, etc. Our products not only help hydrate and rejuvenate the skin but it also helps repair damaged, cracked skin, and it is gentle on even some of the most sensitive skin types.

O’lena skincare products are all natural ingredient's such as Shea butter and, Cocoa butter to provide moister to the skin. We also like to include medicinal plants because, 60% of whatever you put on your skin goes into your blood stream (

One of the reasons that we chose to go all natural rather than using chemicals and plastic packaging. Is due to the chemicals that are in many skincare products here in the US have been linked to cancer. Not to mention when the skin care products are disposed by waste management. It is then put into landfills for years allowing the ending results of chemical waste to be absorbed by our planet hurting our environment.

That’s why we use recyclable and reusable packaging. With minimalistic glass and, tin contains we hope to reduce the amount of commercial waste that goes into our land fields and oceans!

- Jacolena Wolsey

O'lena, Inc. is a S-Corporation filled in the State of Texas. Our Federal Trademark is under review by a attorney at this time. Also, The Business Plan was created along with 3 year financial projects as you will see with in the marketing campaign. In the process O'lena,Inc. has raised over 10,000 USD to start the skincare line. Which opened doors for the company to sale the products at shops that allow items handmade in the USA.

Our goals using the raised funds is to move forward with a manufacturing company that we have choose is in Miami, Florida. It is called The Pure Source, LLC. The company does make the products to FDA approval. The products will be made in the United States. They are licensed to label products as Organic after testing them in the lab. Once we get the funds to achieve this goal O'lena Skin Care Products will eventually be sold worldwide. Including to Asian Pacific, European, and the United States Markets.

At this time we have one store location in Odessa, Texas. With three possible store locations in Midland Texas. Amazon will be available once we receive our Federal Level Trade Mark from the United State Patent Office. Plus we have a online store along with a Etsy store available.

Conventions and, Marketing We try to attend as many conventions & trade day shows as possible. Allowing the products to be show cased thus giving the O'lena brand exposure. Also, for the advertising we have reached out to digital media such as you tube, spotify and, google Ads, Facebook just to mention a few. Once products are professionally manufactured we will boost the advertisement.

O'lena, Inc. is All Natural, Eco-friendly, and Sensitive Safe Skin Care Products. Which studies show the Skin Care Market is Projected to Reach $194,961n Million by 2024!

According to Allied Market Research, titled, Skin Care Products Market by Product Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2014-2024 the Global skin Care Products market was valued at $136,304 million in 2016, and is projected to reach $194,961 million in 2024. (htps:// )

Consumers who prefer to purchase natural or organic skin care products as of May 2017, by age group. During the survey, 67 percent f responding U.S. consumers aged between 18 and 29 years reported that they prefer to purchase skin care products that are natural or organic. ( )

The bottom line is the O'lena Skin Care Product Line fits well in the Industry and, is projected to make $1.5 Million by 2021. The youth is our future giving us long term customers that will purchase the products for years to come.

Consider making a list of bullet points to describe the key details of your product or service. What makes you unique?

  • Eucalyptus . Hand & Foot Balm, Body Butter
  • Cedar. Hand& Foot Balm.
  • Honeysuckle. Hand & Foot Balm, Body Butter, Lip Balm
  • Peppermint. Hand & Foot Balm, Body Butter, Lip Balm .
  • Chocolate Lip Balm
  • Pine Needle. Hand & Foot Balm , Body Butter
  • Honey Bunz. Hand & Foot Balm, Lip Balm.

Our products are Affordable with Great Quality. Currently, made here in the United States. The Hand & Foot Balms are $15.99, Lip Balms are $5.99, Body Butter $24.99 and, the Facial masks are $10.99. They come in a variety of Unscented, and Scented Fragrances.

Just to name a few such as Eucalyptus, Honey Suckle, Cedar, Peppermint, White Chocolate, Honey Bunz, and Pine Needle are the scents we have available through our e-commerce store. During the Holidays we will create different skin care products to match the season. A great example would be Christmas creating desert fragrance balms or, your favorite apple cinnamon spice with the wonderful aroma. While the natural products soak into your skin leaving you feeling great to start the day with confidence.

Risks & Disclosures

O'lena,Inc. patents and other intellectual property could be unenforceable or ineffective.

One of the Company's most valuable assets is its intellectual property. We currently hold a number of trademarks, copyrights, Internet domain names, and trade secrets. We believe the most valuable component of our intellectual property portfolio is our patents and that much of the Company's current value depends on the strength of these patents. The Company intends to continue to file additional patent applications and build its intellectual property portfolio as we discover with in skin care products.

There are several potential competitors who are better positioned than we are to take the majority of the market World Wide.

We will compete with larger, established O'lena Skin Care Products who currently have products on the markets and/or various respective product development programs. They have much better financial means and marketing/sales and human resources than us. They may succeed in developing and marketing competing equivalent products earlier than us, or superior products than those developed by us. There can be no assurance that competitors will not render our technology or products obsolete or that the O'lena Skin Care Products developed by us will be preferred to any existing or newly developed technologies. It should further be assumed that that competition will intensify.

O'lena, Inc. is a brand-new company.

It has no history, no clients, no revenues. If you are investing in this company, it's because you think the O'lena Skin Care Products is a good idea, that the IP Company will be able to secure the intellectual property rights to the O'lena Skin Care Products and that the company will secure the exclusive marketing and manufacture rights to the O'lena Skin Care Products from the IPCompany, that we will be able to successfully market, manufacture and sell the O'lena Skin Care Products that we can price it right and sell it to enough people so that the company will succeed. We have yet to sell any vessels and we plan to market a vessel that has no commercial contemporaries. Further, we have never turned a profit and there is no assurance that we will ever be profitable

Even if we raise the maximum sought in this offering, we may need to raise extensive funds in order to be able to start manufacturing operations for O'lena, Inc.

We estimate that we will require at least 107,000 thousand to commence commercial production of the O'lena Skin Care Products. We believe that we will be able to finance the commercial production of the O'lena Skin Care through pre-payment for orders. If we are unable to do so we may need to raise money from bank loans, future sales of securities or some combination thereof.

Your Investment could be illiquid for a long time

You should be prepared to hold this investment for several years or longer. For the 12 months following your investment there will be restrictions on how you can resell the securities you receive. More importantly, there is no established market for these securities and there may never be one. a a result if you decide to sell these securities in the future, you may not be able to find a buyer. The Company's plan is to be acquired by an existing player in the skincare or cosmetic industry
However, that may never happen or it may happen at a price that results in you losing money on this investment. Although an initial public offering is a potential path for the Company, it is not likely.
Similarly we do not expect to issue dividends to investors, even if we are in the position to do so. Instead, we intend to re-invest profits back into the company in an effort to drive growth. As a result, the most likely path to making a positive return on your investment is through a successful sale of business.
Even if we achieve our revenue plans, it is possible that market conditions will lead us to conclude that a sale is not viable, or in the best interest of the shareholders at that time, or inappropriate for any number of reasons. Because your return on this investment is likely tied to the sale of the Company, there are a wide range of factors that will impact the value of your investment that are out of control, including but not limited to , the selling environment, the number of interested purchasers, the perceived value of our brand and our intellectual property, comparable recent sales, in our industry and other industries, the projected performance of the skincare and cosmetic categories at the time of the sale, the cost of capital, and the perceived synergies between our Company and the acquirer.