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Observa, Inc.

Observa, Inc.

Like Google Analytics for Brick & Mortar marketing - A $330 billion dollar vertical

Company Overview

Observa lets companies see how their products are functioning on retail shelves anywhere and in real-time so that they can check pricing, availability, special displays, and even collect information on the competition.

Observa collects in-store observations across all 50 states by alerting its rapidly growing crowd of “Observers” to opportunities near them, and the Observers make money with the app just by popping into a store and taking a few photos.

Observing and analyzing retail merchandising for consumer-packaged goods companies is just the first of many promising verticals for the Observa platform and app. Other companies and governments can also use Observa to monitor and analyze data about geographically dispersed facilities, infrastructure, operations, and projects—such as franchisee operations, hotel and restaurant chain locations, outdoor advertising, rental fleets, managed properties, construction projects, public facilities, and more.

Given the many cost-effective, large scale uses of the Observa platform, including promising internal and white-labeled applications, we hope to move into strategic partnering with large private and public entities. Observa was recently approached by a global audit firm with 250,000 employees worldwide to organize this kind of partnership, leading to a pilot project that is already underway.

Observa’s ambition is to be the number-one trusted platform for observing and measuring facts and data in the real world across multiple sectors. Within five years, thousands of consumer-packaged goods companies and other types of public and private entities should be using Observa to check on their products and to make quick, reliable observations anywhere around the globe for a myriad of purposes. We envision millions of individuals around the world using our app to make quick, easy money on the go.

The following are some of Observa’s key accomplishments after finishing its first year.

  • Observa’s founders Hugh and Erik built and launched the initial Observa platform and Observa mobile app in November of 2015 with no outside funding.
  • Observa has a rapidly growing nationwide network of over 10,000 users (or “Observers”) and has provided paying businesses with real-time product and marketing observations in every state and in hundreds of stores.
  • Since launching its Android app in November 2015, Observa has received revenue from twenty-seven consumer packaged goods companies.
  • Observa is seeing steady growth in new customers and in the number of paid observations—our most important key metrics.
  • 53 percent of our current revenue comes from repeat business.
  • Observa raised a $570,000 seed round in April of 2015.


10000 Users
$87,000 Sales
11 Employees

Pitch Deck


  • 10,000+ users of the Observa app and growing consistently.

    July, 2017
  • 43 consumer packaged goods companies have paid Observa to check on thousands of retail locations in all 50 states.

    July, 2017
  • Six patent applications filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office - 3 provisional and 3 non-provisional.

    November, 2016
  • Successful $570,000 common stock seed round in April 2016.

    April, 2016
  • Launched the IOS version of the Observa app in the Apple Store.

    January, 2016
  • Launched the first Observa app in Google Play.

    November, 2015


Alana McKeever
Alana McKeever
Marketing Coordinator at Yummbutter
"Oh my goodness, how could we not get hooked! So awesome."
Eric Plantenberg
Eric Plantenberg
Chief Strategy Officer at Humm Kombucha
"Observa was a terrific support in helping us audit our wellness cooler launch with Target. It was the quickest and most cost effective way for us to actually see what was happening at a store level. "
Paul Vlahos
Paul Vlahos
VP of Sales at Ozery Bakery
"This is too damn easy!"