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Elevator Pitch

We make referrals every day from the movies we watch to the cars we drive. We live our lives in pictures telling our story. Nyoobe tracks sales data and pays cash for all referrals.

Company Overview

Nyoobe is a mobile application where anyone can refer any product or service anywhere in the world.

Referral marketing is the most effective marketing strategy available to businesses today. Current methods to help businesses facilitate referrals are complicated, expensive and only address one customer at a time proving to be inconvenient to the referrers therefore ineffective to the businesses. Additionally, current methods require upfront payment for referral services or referral campaign management.

Nyoobe is changing all of that, by creating a digital referral platform.

We have a lot of great videos on our Facebook page and YouTube.

Our website is part of the overall platform. It has two sections; one for the Business owner and one for the Members. It tracks all of the data that is involved in a referral transaction. The website listed is for informational purposes only. We will walk potential investors through the live website upon request.

Nyoobe is going to change the way people do things. Say Nyoobe helps 100,000 people around the world earn just $100 dollars every month. That would mean Nyoobe earned $100 dollars per person. 100,000 x $100 is 10,000,000 Groupon has 54,000,000 monthly users. The numbers are there. No cost upfront for the business they only pay when we send them a new customer and they pick what the referral fee is.

Pitch Deck


Derek Hogarty
Derek Hogarty
Investor/General Contractor
"Being a business owner that acts on a referral basis I could not believe the potential growth Nyoobe could bring to my small firm. This same growth curve could also occur with any privately owned medium to large service oriented companies. After talking to several other diverse business owners, at a networking event, they could not see how all businesses within any service industry would not benefit by becoming a Nyoobe authorized business. These are a few reason I am proud to be one of the first investors."
Robert Steel
Robert Steel
Turnaround & Growth Strategies | Published Au
"I met Derek at a conference in SF. My only question was “what in the heck is Nyoobe?” Derek quickly shared his elevator pitch and I was hooked. In the age of instant gratification, Nyoobe helps you get rewarded for sharing good experiences for any and every personal or business encounter or experience we have. Good luck and great “experiences” for you, your team and your clients. "

Previous Funding

  • $100,000 Equity
  • Raise Source: Investors
  • March 2018
  • $150,000 Equity
  • Raise Source: Investors
  • September 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the app?

Nyoobe is a free download for both business and user.

When does a business pay and how much is the referral

Nyoobe businesses pay for referrals only after a new customer has made a transaction. Best part the business decides how much to pay for a referral when they set up their referral campaign.

How do people get paid.

Nyoobe pays cash rather than product discounts, rebates, store credit or other methods that have proven unsuccessful in motivating patrons to make referrals.

Can my grandmother use the app

Nyoobe’s simple user interface makes it easy and fun for users to refer their favorite products and services therefore increasing the likelihood of making a referral.

Does Nyoobe have plans to go international.

Asia and Europe by summer 2019

Risks & Disclosures


Any investment in our securities involves a high degree of risk of loss of your investment. The risks we face may affect our financial condition, results of operations or business, and many of those risks are driven by factors that we cannot control or predict. The following discussion addresses those risks that we believe are the most significant, although there may be other risks that could arise, or may prove to be more significant than expected, that may affect our financial condition, results of operations or business.


The market for our services is relatively new and untested.

We facilitate referral transactions for businesses by anyone anywhere through a mobile application.

The market for our services is new and evolving. We are dependent on our customer’s on-going interest in online product/service sharing to use our service. We do not know how large the potential market for our platform/services is or will be, how much we can successfully charge for our services on a sustained basis, or whether our services will ultimately prove valuable enough to our customers to keep them using our services.

Our business depends on enhancing our brand, and any failure to enhance our brand would hurt our ability to expand our base of users in our network.

Enhancing our brand is critical to expanding our base of members in our network. We believe that the importance of brand recognition will increase due to the relatively low barriers to entry in the Internet market. If we fail to enhance our brand, or if we incur excessive expenses in this effort, our business, operating results and financial condition will be materially and adversely affected. Enhancing our brand will depend largely on our ability to provide high-quality products and services, which we may not do successfully.

We intend to expand our operations and increase our expenditures in an effort to grow our business. If we are unable to achieve or manage significant growth and expansion, or if our business does not grow as we expect, our operating results may suffer.

Our business plan anticipates continued additional expenditure on development and other growth initiatives.

We may not achieve significant growth. If achieved, significant growth would place increased demands on our management, accounting systems, network infrastructure and systems of financial and internal controls. We may be unable to expand associated resources and refine associated systems fast enough to keep pace with expansion. If we fail to ensure that our management, control and other systems keep pace with growth, we may experience a decline in the effectiveness and focus of our management team, problems with timely or accurate reporting, issues with costs and quality controls and other problems associated with a failure to manage rapid growth, all of which would harm our results of operations.

Losing key personnel or failing to attract and retain other highly skilled personnel could affect our ability to successfully grow our business.

Our future performance depends substantially on the continued service of our senior management, business development and other key personnel, particularly our founder and chief executive officer Derek Tippins. We do not currently maintain key person life insurance. If our chief executive officer or other members of our senior management were to resign or no longer be able to serve as our employees, it could impair our revenue growth, business and future prospects. In addition, the success of our monetization and sales plans depends on our ability to retain people in direct sales and to hire additional qualified and experienced individuals into our sales organization.

To meet our expected growth, we believe that our future success will depend upon our ability to hire, train and retain other highly skilled personnel. Competition for quality personnel is intense among technology and Internet-related businesses such as ours. We cannot be sure that we will be successful in hiring, assimilating or retaining the necessary personnel, and our failure to do so could cause our operating results to fall below our projected growth and profit targets.


We may be unable to attract new members to our network.

Referral transaction revenues comprise and are expected to continue to comprise a significant majority of our revenues. There are no long-term commitments. Our members may decide to not maintain active membership if their experience does not have the desired result, or if we do not deliver our services in an appropriate and effective manner. If we are unable to provide value to our members, they may negotiate lower rates they are willing to pay or may not continue to work with us.

If we fail to compete effectively against other referral transaction companies, we could lose customers and our revenues and results of operations could decline.

The online referral marketing industry is characterized by rapidly changing technologies, evolving industry standards, frequent new product and service introductions, and changing customer demands. The introduction of new products and services embodying new technologies and the emergence of new industry standards and practices could quickly render our existing services obsolete and unmarketable or require unanticipated technology or other investments.Our failure to continually enhance and adapt successfully to these changes could harm our business, results of operations and financial condition.

The market for online referral marketing and related products and services is highly competitive. We expect this competition to continue to increase, in part because there are no significant barriers to entry to our industry.

Increased competition may result in price reductions for our services reduced margins and loss of market share. We currently do not compete against other online referral marketing application companies, but that status may change and could negatively impact company financial performance.

If existing or future competitors develop or offer products or services that provide significant performance, price, creative or other advantages over those offered by us, our business, results of operations and financial condition could be negatively affected. If we fail to compete successfully, we could lose members and our revenues and results of operations could decline.

We depend on third-party Internet, telecommunications and technology providers for key aspects in the provision of our services and any failure or interruption in the services that third parties provide could disrupt our business.

We depend heavily on several third-party providers of Internet and related telecommunication services, including hosting and co-location facilities, as well as providers of technology solutions, including software developed by third party vendors, in delivering our services. In addition, we use third-party vendors to assist with product development, campaign deployment, and support services for some of our products and services. These companies may not continue to provide services or software to us without disruptions in service, at the current cost or at all.

If the products and services provided by these third-party vendors are disrupted or not properly supported, our ability to provide our products and services would be adversely impacted. In addition, any financial or other difficulties our third-party providers’ face may have negative effects on our business, the nature and extent of which we cannot predict. While we believe our business relationships with our key vendors are good, a material adverse impact on our business would occur if a supply or license agreement with a key vendor is materially revised, is not renewed or is terminated, or the supply of products or services were insufficient or interrupted. The costs associated with any transition to a new service provider could be substantial, require us to reengineer our computer systems and telecommunications infrastructure to accommodate a new service provider and disrupt the services we provide to our customers. This process could be both expensive and time consuming and could damage our relationships with customers.

In addition, failure of our Internet and related telecommunications providers to provide the data communications capacity in the time frame we require could cause interruptions in the services we provide. Unanticipated problems affecting our computer and telecommunications systems in the future could cause interruptions in the delivery of our services, causing a loss of revenues and potential loss of customers.


Our business depends on continued and unimpeded access to our products and services on the Internet by our members. If we or they experience disruptions in Internet service or if Internet service providers are able to block, degrade or charge for access to our products and services, we could incur additional expenses and the loss of partners and advertisers.

We depend on the ability of our members to access the Internet. Currently, this access is provided by companies that have significant market power in the broadband and Internet access marketplace, including incumbent telephone companies, cable companies, mobile communications companies, government- owned service providers, device manufacturers and operating system providers, any of whom could take actions that degrade, disrupt or increase the cost of user access to our products or services, which would, in turn, negatively impact our business. The adoption of any laws or regulations that adversely affect the growth, popularity or use of the Internet, including laws or practices limiting Internet neutrality, could decrease the demand for, or the usage of, our products and services, increase our cost of doing business and adversely affect our operating results. We also rely on other companies to maintain reliable network systems that provide adequate speed, data capacity and security to us and our users. As the Internet continues to experience growth in the number of users, frequency of use and amount of data transmitted, the Internet infrastructure that we and our users rely on may be unable to support the demands placed upon it. The failure of the Internet infrastructure that we or our users rely on, even for a short period of time, could undermine our operations and harm our operating results.

Nyoobe SEC Filings

My-Nyoobe, Inc has filed with the SEC to comply with the requirements of exemptions 4(a)(6) and 506(c) of the Securities Act of 1933.

Link to Form D Filed 8/09/2018