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Company Overview

Business Description

Nyoobe is a mobile application where anyone can refer any product or service, anywhere.


Referral marketing is the most effective marketing strategy available to businesses today. Current methods to help businesses facilitate referrals are complicated, expensive and only address one customer at a time proving to be inconvenient to the referrers therefore ineffective to the businesses. Additionally, current methods require upfront payment for referral services or referral campaign management.


Nyoobe users are any person, typically between 18 and 55 years of age, that have a keen interest in promoting trusted products and services to their friends and family as well as individuals who rely on the advice of trusted friends and family in purchasing decisions. Additionally, the members who make the referral and the members who use the referral benefit by receiving a cash payment for referring and claiming referrals.

The industry is ripe for this product which can be seen in the recent product marketing through Facebook and Google Maps reviews. Nyoobe’s centralized platform is expected to fundamentally transform the industry with its simple interface and comprehensive back office analytical capabilities.

Company Goals

  • Launch in Asia/Europe by 2020
  • 1 million downloads by 2020
  • Leader in referral marketing
  • Capture 1% of all digital retail sales by 2020 (est 27.726 T)


  • Market participation in $30T global sales
  • Simple user experience
  • Centralized for any product/service
  • Patents pending for technology and process
  • Proven management and development team
  • Multiple income streams: Nyoobe Referral, Nyoobe Buy Now, Nyoobe Marketing

Pitch Deck


Jeffrey Hayzlett
Jeffrey Hayzlett
Primetime TV & Podcast Host, Speaker, Author
"Word of mouth is still a very popular way of spreading the word about a product or service. The Nyoobe app takes referral marketing to a new level because all you need to do is make a referral on social media, which is where more people go anyway. The best part? You get paid whenever you make a referral. Game changer, for sure! "
Derek Hogarty
Derek Hogarty
Investor/General Contractor
"Being a business owner that acts on a referral basis I could not believe the potential growth Nyoobe could bring to my small firm. This same growth curve could also occur with any privately owned medium to large service oriented companies. After talking to several other diverse business owners, at a networking event, they could not see how all businesses within any service industry would not benefit by becoming a Nyoobe authorized business. These are a few reason I am proud to be one of the first investors."
Robert Steel
Robert Steel
Turnaround & Growth Strategies | Published Au
"I met Derek at a conference in SF. My only question was “what in the heck is Nyoobe?” Derek quickly shared his elevator pitch and I was hooked. In the age of instant gratification, Nyoobe helps you get rewarded for sharing good experiences for any and every personal or business encounter or experience we have. Good luck and great “experiences” for you, your team and your clients. "