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NY Residential

NY Residential

Invest in the City You Love

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Company Overview

New York City real estate has long attracted global investors seeking income, appreciation, and inflation-protection. However, with the average apartment in Manhattan priced at more than $2 million, only a limited pool of investors have the resources necessary to invest directly in Manhattan residential real estate. Compound has formed NY Residential REIT, LLC (the “Company”) to purchase, invest in, and manage a portfolio of residential properties located in Manhattan, which will provide both accredited and non-accredited investors with the ability to obtain exposure to Manhattan residential real estate.

NY Residential incorporates a flexible investment strategy focused on properties with the potential for significant capital appreciation, such as those:

Requiring renovations or repositioning Located in gentrifying neighborhoods with high growth potential From distressed sellers or those facing time-sensitive deadlines Encumbered by existing tenancy Bulk sales of condominiums Pre-construction or before construction has completed

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