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NVIS, Inc.

NVIS, Inc.

Hackers can't hack what they can't see

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Company Overview

Cyber-attacks, breaches, hacks, identity theft – no longer just a potential, but daily news. Financial systems are especially targeted. Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain are vulnerable and have already been compromised. More than a VPN or SDN, and disruptive to both, NVIS can't be hacked, sniffed, traced or blocked. It is the worlds first "managed anonymity network".

NVIS solves these problems:

PRIVACY – Hackers or even your ISP can spy on your Internet traffic to steal and sell your information or log where you visit.

CONNECTIVITY – websites and data may not be accessible globally.

EXTRANET and ENDPOINT SECURITY – Business is mobile; you need to protect confidential information everywhere.

COST –VPN solutions cost and complexity is high. TCO is $260,800 per 1000 users per Gartner, upwards of $500,000 for medium size solutions.

An NVIS network is ideal for telemedicine, telework, supply chain B2B, big data security, as well as instant, auto-config networks for SMB. It uses intelligent automatic provisioning to eliminate costly IT needs.

Pitch Deck


  • Sales portal at live

    October, 2020
  • Approved to do business in California

    June, 2020
  • NVIS app on Google Play store

    May, 2020
  • NVIS approved by Amazon for listing in AWS Marketplace.

    March, 2020
  • Upserve Point-of-Sale (POS) partnership to secure terminals (cash registers) for superior anti-theft and loss prevention.

    February, 2020
  • MOU with pentest firm FYRM Associates

    September, 2019
  • MOU with SiliconVallley4U tech school

    August, 2019
  • 1500 Registered NVIS subscribers

    July, 2019
  • MOU Social Media startup

    February, 2019
  • MVP - Running invisible network of blockchain with interconnected nodes in Tokyo, Paris, Amsterdam, Singapore, Ontario, Seattle, SF.

    December, 2018
  • 300 Telegram group members

    December, 2018
  • Healthcare secure DICOM image sharing proof-of-concept

    December, 2018
  • Fintech broker-dealer secure trade discussions

    October, 2018
  • Crypto Exchange provider talks

    March, 2018


Chris Rhodes
Chris Rhodes
"When it comes to VPN's NVIS is unique. Standard VPN's allow users to secure communication on the public internet and while that is a good thing, NVIS allows its users to establish a community of private nodes that is not visible on the public internet. This gives private users and businesses the ability to create truly private network communities for personal and business use cases. I've used NVIS for a number of things and I highly recommend it as a great solution for your private network community need"
Greg Ryan
Greg Ryan
President, Ryan Advisory Services
"NVIS offers privacy and security without the secrecy. You’re the Good Guys!"