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Online Trade System - Data is the Commodity!

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Company Overview

Deep opportunity!

This project is co founded by the European Innovation program. The technology is validated, tested and has got pre-launch revenue above $400K. The main product launch is planned to take place in 2019.

Download prospect here:

About Nornir

Nornir is a deep tech company specializing in data distribution and networking. Nornir´s technology is based on an invention enabling IoT and AI resources to become accessible on the Web. The new web network has been named Real Time Web and represent a new generation neural infrastructure for intelligent linking networks.

The company is located in Oslo Norway and has currently 9 employees.

The introduction video shows an typical example on what we can develop using our technology and tools. The demo of micropayment is a game changer. The trading system is done without middleware, server or programming (API) and can be applied to any web page or IoT data source.

Today developers use traditional technology and there is no way to make money online. The only way to make money is by banner clicks or measure data volume in the communication line. With Nornir technology we open up new blue ocean market where data trade can be done across domains and networks.

Nornir is raising funds to develop a trading marketplace where anyone can price label their data and sell/resell their data sources using hyperlinks.

If you're looking for the next "Google" to invest in – this may be the opportunity you looking for.


$400,000 Sales

Pitch Deck


  • Achieved "Seal Of Excellence" from EU Horizon 2020 SME program. Support by Innovation Norway on upcoming project in 2019.

    November, 2018
  • Successfully Pilot installation with Steinkjer Municipalicity

    November, 2017
  • Successfully First customer installation within vending machine industry

    November, 2017
  • Invited by president Barack Obama our founder Paal Kristian Levang attend the the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016 GES.

    June, 2016