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Unleashing full potential of the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence

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Company Overview

About Nornir

Nornir is a deep tech company with visiting address in Oslo Norway, providing software tools for specialized web communication and IoT. These tools are meant for developers, students, and companies that want to make their own microservice products and services. The tools can be used to create new services like a smart light control system, a smart sports shoe, an intelligent bed, screaming doors or any other crazy invention you may desire to develop. Our tools allow customers to do pilots and prototypes in a very quick and easy manner and scale this globally anytime. The main services we offer are:

Developer tools: Tools to build your own microservice ecosystem for IoT and IoE

Training: Dedicated training sessions to enhance developer experience with our tools

Tech consulting: We help tech consultants grow their digital idea into a full business using our tools

Hosting: We help build customized hosting solutions tailored to your requirements

Company facts

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Established 2013

Location Oslo and Steinkjer, Norway

Demo City Steinkjer

We do IoT conferences

Number of employees: 10

Our Product Synx

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Synx is a BIOS kernel for linked data and connecting serverless micro-services. Synx enables heterogeneous network topology and is a tool that can be used to create a new web ecosystem of data links. The new network that emerge using this technique is named the Real Time Web.

Like the World Wide Web hyperlink system, which link information against various information sources, Real Time Web is linking data, from various sources generators, like sensors, actuators and computer devices.

The main difference between RTW and WWW is that RTW is more dynamic network. RTW is designed to act on events and ownership of the data resources and the relationship between services can change behavior anytime, even on active communication. RTW is suitable for AI and software agents to take advantages of all the web resources out there just by establish links and alter the context of the data to fit local needs. So while WWW is designed to help humans to access information, RTW is designed to help robots and AI services to access data.


1,000% ROI
$400,000 Sales
$20% Transaction Volume

Pitch Deck


  • Invited by president Barack Obama our founder Paal Kristian Levang attend the the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016 GES.

    June, 2016
  • Successfully Pilot installation in Steinkjer Municipalicity

    November, 2017
  • Successfully First customer installation within vending machine industry

    November, 2017
  • Achieved "Seal Of Excellence" from EU Horizon 2020 SME program. Support by Innovation Norway on upcoming project in 2019.

    November, 2018