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Designing Your Future

Why We Started This Company

Nooka was founded with the goal of bringing the idea that time is truly universal to the world. I wanted to promote a sense of optimistic futurism that was not necessarily hindered by constraints such as language; This vision is seen through Nooka as we bring products to the world that are easy to understand no matter where you were or how old you were.

What Sets Us Apart

Nooka is not an average watch company. Everything from the design of their products to the way they are used and interacted with displays a sense of difference, of modernity and of innovation. By inventing new ways to read time we have pushed the boundaries of the watch market. At Nooka we believe that the future should not look like the past. By creating designs that are unique yet universal we appeal to those who want to dress for the present as well as the future.

Our Keys To Success

People love Nooka and Nooka products because of their brilliant design and their innovation. Nooka has been referred to as the “Apple of the accessory market;” the modern designs and extensive innovation that goes into each Nooka product fuels such claims. Nooka is known as a product that never fails to catch the eye. At social or business events, Nooka products are always a talking point, many people choose Nooka to stand out, to be modern and set the trend.

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