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Real-Time Omnichannel Communication Platform

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Company Overview

"Our product tackles the lack of appeal of Corporate Communication and solves it by blending Corporate Communication with a tailored, market sensitive, news-flow."

Based in Detroit, Newsco is a C-Corp which has developed and markets a highly innovative product for Corporate Communication.


Newsco cPro is a powerful easy-to-use system to communicate Companies’ messages together with selected news from the most important press agencies with eye-catching images and the right music that fits the ambience. A fantastic tool to manage communication with employees, customers and partners.


Product/Service Details

cPro is a Corporate Communication System integrating:

  • a Content Management System (CMS)
  • a Digital Signage System (DSS)
  • a Social-Media Management System (SMS)

Content Management System (CMS)

  • To manage company communication, their content, the news, the media library.
  • Multi-channel, - cPro - is addressing the flow of contents on displays, social media, mobile devices, web sites.
  • Powerful news aggregator monitoring specific categories and the presence in the world of the Company's brand and its competitors’.
  • A powerful search engine aggregating contents and news of more than 50 million indexed articles from almost 1 million sources.

Digital Signage System (DSS)

  • Powerful system creating and managing a network of monitors distributed anywhere.
  • Simple network administration, each monitor is controlled by a Newsco TV Box transmitting to the administrator the reports on the correct use and operation of the single station.
  • The information is distributed in a controlled manner according to the specific channels

Social-Media Management System (SMS)

  • cPro manages the IN/OUT flow of Social Media data.
  • IN: The CMS system sends the most appropriate contents to social medias, with a careful selection based on the chosen tags, topics, categories, sources.
  • OUT: Automatically we can distribute published content on our media.

cPro is SaaS and Cloud based.

Our product - cPro - supports Outside and Inside communication:

  • Outside: towards customers with a flow of relevant news to their specific markets, mixing them with Corporate messages;
  • Inside: with informative and motivational messages to employees and executives.

The technology is user-friendly and safe, based on Amazon AWS cloud, the player is running on the Newsco TV Box.



Newsco Inc., a Detroit based corporation, has developed a software product, cPro, to enter the growing market of Digital Signage and Content Marketing.

With cPro the Company intends to fulfill its mission statement:

Provide the most cost efficient digital signage and content management software tool to enhance Corporate communication strategies.

The projected economic and financial values, as a result of a prudent expansion of the operation, will allow a IRR of 41% in the five years period considered


The Vision

In our - cPro - roadmap, we are planning to add an Advanced Recognition Systems to manage a personal communication/advertising.


Remember when, in Minority Report, Tom Cruise’s character walks into a Gap store and an AI voice asks him if he’s still enjoying the trousers he bought last week?

That vision was dreamt up by MIT consultants for the film many years ago.



  • April 2018. 30 displays, 15 most prestigious locations stores, global contract signed with Florence, Italy design and luxury goods company.

    April, 2018
  • First LOI with a national bank to implement cPro multi-channel option to customers at branches and employees at their locations.

    February, 2018
  • Leading design and luxury goods company committed to adopt cPro.

    January, 2018
  • 10 very important prospects in advanced negotiation.

    December, 2017
  • Product Development completed and a rich development plan on future releases already defined.

    December, 2017
  • One 2000+ employee company committed December 2017.

    December, 2017
  • One distribution agreement signed.

    October, 2017
  • Announced the appointment of Giuseppe (Joe) Greco as new Chairman and CFO.

    October, 2017