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New England Breath Technologies. Inc.

New England Breath Technologies. Inc.

Pain-Free Diabetic Monitoring - Just a breath away…

Company Overview

New England Breath Technologies is a Medical Device company based in Springfield MA. Our device eliminates the needles, the blood and pain of traditional glucose monitoring. We have patented a non-invasive glucose monitor - Glucair - and are completing final studies in preparation for 2018 FDA 510K approval. We are a 2017 Valley Venture Mentor Accelerator winner and UMass M2D2 Winner! Our initial results were outstanding and we are in the final stages of a more portable design to maximize market acceptance.

Diabetes is a challenging disease and the numbers are spiraling out of control. Over 90% of the diabetes population is Type 2 and less than 30% of this group test glucose on a regular basis - despite being the manner in which daily diabetes control can be monitored. Consequently, the cost for this population equates to $1 out of every $5 we spend on health care in the US.

The reason for lack of testing: Current lancet based glucose monitoring is messy, expensive and painful. With more seniors and children entering the Type 2 ranks - it is critical we bring to market an alternative. Our device: Glucair is patented in the US and pending patent in Mexico, Canada, India and the UK.

We will be successful because it has long been known that acetone and glucose correlate - but Dr. Priefer, an expert in nanotechnology was the first to discover the key to making this work in a portable device. We are seeking FDA approval for both Glucose Monitoring and Pre-Diabetes Diagnostic.

Our initial tests proved direct correlation, we are now finalizing additional studies for seniors and pre-FDA fine tuning at UMass Diabetes Center of Excellence and are preparing to enter FDA 510K trial process in Q1 2018. We are a Class 2 - non-invasive device.

In addition, we are working with a top device engineering firm on the design of the device to ensure it is discrete and aligned with all current diabetes monitoring programs and technology.

Help us close out our Seed funding to accelerate our entry into trials.


1 Issued Patents
5 Employees


  • Nearing close of seed round - only need $150k more!

    September, 2017
  • Finalized plan for the UMass Diabetes Center of Excellence Studies to begin in a few weeks.

    September, 2017
  • Portable device specs nearly complete - moving us closer to a "fit in your pocket" design

    September, 2017
  • Plan finalized for Pre-510k study with CRO

    September, 2017
  • Finalizing FDA trial device design with leading device engineering firm.

    August, 2017
  • UMass M2D2 Award

    May, 2017
  • Winner VVM Accelerator Award

    May, 2017
  • Completed clinic studies at Holyoke: Blinded study: Direct correlation with our device to leading lancet devices.

    October, 2016