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Neutral Fuels LLC

Neutral Fuels LLC

Profitably producing clean green biodiesel from local waste in Dubai since 2011, Neutral Fuels is experiencing amazing growth.

Company Overview

What We Do

Since 2010, Neutral Fuels has pioneered the research and commercial adoption of biofuels in the Middle East. We are unique and have produced a successful, profitable, fast growing biofuels business right in the heart of the fossil fuel capital of the world.

We take Dubai’s waste cooking oil, from McDonald’s and other restaurants, and in our factory in Dubai use specialist European made equipment and high quality chemicals to convert the waste into international standard biofuel.

We then sell this clean, green biofuel to Dubai’s trucks, school buses, and electricity generators to reduce pollution and carbon footprint.

We have recently succeed in commericalising for the first time a unique enzyme based biodiesel process, which allows us to process an even wider range of waste oils into standards compliant biofuel.

The Opportunity

Expand production: to purchase a third production line for our existing factory
Working capital: improve our buying power, increasing profit margins
Add more staff: to deliver more fuel to more customers, 24 hours a day
Cloud based IT: add more fuel management features to further enhance customer retention
Continue research: to explore the viability of lower cost feedstocks
Regional expansion: to start the due diligence process to expand into other Middle East countries


Cash Flow Positive