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A Cleantech Power Plant Developer with High Dividend Yields and Enterprise Value Increase

A Cleantech Power Plant Developer with High Dividend Yields and Enterprise Value Increase

Net Zero Enterprises PRE Series A - a Cleantech Power Plant Developer which generates high ongoing Dividends & Asset Appreciation

San Diego, California, US

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$2,320,000 of $3,000,000

A Cleantech Power Plant Developer with High Dividend Yields and Enterprise Value Increase is raising $3,000,000 with a minimum reservation of $20,000. Numbers displayed include non-binding reservations before investors are verified, signed, or closed.


  • High Yearly Cash Flow and High Stock Value increase with Removed Risk
  • Next Generation Energy Company, Carbon Neutral with High Dividends
  • NZE's Forecasted Balance Sheet Value in 2018: $665,000,000 (6x)

Elevator Pitch

NZE builds risk mitigated, back stopped sustainable power plants with proven, disruptive technologies for multiple revenue streams, high dividends and asset value increase for investors.


30% ROI
Cash Flow Positive
10 Issued Patents
$17858900 Transaction Volume


Kim Forssell, our CEO will be interviewed on Small Cap Nation next week at the Bloomberg television studios in New York City.

October, 2017

The Radio Show and News Publication "CEO Money" recently featured our CEO Kim Forssell in a recent radio show in the link below.

October, 2017

October, 2017

The Campaign is off to a strong start with two separate contributions of $250,000 and $275,000 respectively.

October, 2017

Aqualife Featured in the San Diego Union Tribune - "Farming of the future"

October, 2017

Aqualife Featured in Under Current news

October, 2017

Interview with our CEO Kim Forssell News:

October, 2017

Aqualife More news on CNBC

October, 2017

Aqualife previously Indexed at #1 with CNBC

October, 2017

The Aqualife project is featured in current newsletter

October, 2017

Per the link find an interview with our CEO Kim Forssell on Small Cap Nation at the New York Stock Exchange -

November, 2017

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can the risks be completely removed from a project ?

The risks aren’t actually removed, they are contractually transfered to third parties, such as equipment manufacturers, off takers and large AA/A11 rated insurance companies. We are mechanically mitigating each risk with a specific insurance policy and in order to fully mitigate a project, there is usually overlaps in the policies and umbrella policies to fully protect the project and the investment. We look at risk from the project perspective when it some to establishment and delivering a project with nameplate capacity. We look at it from an investment perspective and we also ensure operational success with revenue insurances. We are always completely removing all these risks before we start a project We have been involved in over 200 projects and don’t have a single credit default or event when we have lost money. Because of this and our experience, we are also able to source some very unique insurance products in the market to completely protect our projects.

Why are you doing this capital raise now after completing several projects successfully?

We have spent the last 5 years to establish projects, securing assets and acquiring technologies and solutions. We have also established several shovel ready assets that has been pre developed, risk mitigated, verified and proven out. All of this has given us a very favorable situation where the timing is right to enter the company into a high growth phase, where the focus is shifting from only being focused on one project at a time and sequential growth to be able to leverage the many opportunities and grow the company with a more focused approach on strategic values, corporate valuation and to also capture the exponential impact and growth that we can achieve if we are raising the money for the corporate at this time. We will of course continue to raise capital on a project level as well and we have pre developed projects in which we can deploy over $1.5B within the next 12 months. The corporate raise will enable us to complete the project raises, while still being focused on next phase of projects.

What will the money be used for?

We will use the money to leverage the favorable situation we are in with the many pre developed projects to be developed. The corporate capital raise will also enable us to grow exponential with an exponential impact, instead of just a sequential growth, which we have been in now. This raise will aslo restructure all the future ownership to be held by Net Zero Enterprises. This means that all the project/(asset ownership will be held by Net Zero Enterprises and all the dividend will flow through that entity to the benefit of our shareholders. In addition to the projects asset values and dividends, Net Zero Enterprises will aslo be able to secure an additional yearly cash flow of close to $18,000,000 through this capital raise.

Do you always pre sell the product/fuel/electricity you will be producing as part of the risk mitigation for a Greenfield Project?

Yes. As a vital part of the risk mitigation model we need to make sure that 100% of the product/fuel or electricity we are intending to produce will have a strong contracted demand. The purchase contracts that we sign are at minimum 10 years in length and with investment grade counter parties or private companies that corner their market nische.

How do you know that your projects will produce the quantities/volumes that you forecast?

We only work with commercially proven, time tested technologies where performance has been proved out in the past on like kind plants. It's vital for our risk mitigation model that we can obtain name plate production guarantees and insurances from the technology providers/manufacturers that we work with to ensure that the production goals are reached and that we hold up the delivery targets to our customers.

How do you know that your construction build outs will not go overbudget?

We only work with Construction Companies that can obtain at minimum AA rated Surety Bonds. Meaning that a third party large insurance carrier is then responsible for the cost overruns beyond the contracted GMAX (Guaranteed Max Price Contracts). This is also a vital part of the proprietary mechanical risk mitigation strategy we utilize at Net Zero Enterprises.

Why do you mostly pursue projects within the Waste to Energy space and not Solar and Wind Projects?

We occasionally pursue Wind and Solar however our non incineration Waste to Energy Project Portfolio is significantly more profitable per plant with up to six different revenue streams where wind and solar projects only have one revenue stream. +30% in IRR for a fully insured risk mitigated Waste to Energy Project versus +15% in IRR for a Solar or Wind Project.

How can you generate both cashflowing dividends and a strong multiple value increase of the Enterprise value?

When NZE develops projects within Waste to Energy, our proven technology and operations with many deployments around the world generate several revenue streams in the form of tipping fees, electricity, green fuel, premium fertilizer, water, aluminium, glass etc our typical project net operating profit every year for 25 years is ~$35MM USD per year on $85MM invested in CAPEX. The high net profit is then used to calculate the Sales (Exit or Enterprise) Value of the plant once up and running. There is a strong market for stabilized renewable energy plants in the industry and the benchmark "Market Capitalization" or returns expected by an investor buying the Power Plant is typically around ~11%. You would then figure your Sales value of the plant as: $35MM/11% = $318MM for the total plant which cost $85MM to build. The investor hence earns BOTH the annual cashflowing dividends PLUS the upside of a future sale/exit of the plant. The cashflowing dividends are typically well above 20% annually on the investment.