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A Cleantech Power Plant Developer with High Dividend Yields and Enterprise Value Increase

A Cleantech Power Plant Developer with High Dividend Yields and Enterprise Value Increase

Net Zero Enterprises PRE Series A - a Cleantech Power Plant Developer which generates high ongoing Dividends & Asset Appreciation

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Company Overview

Net Zero Enterprises with over 200 projects successfully built on time on budget, and a risk mitigation leader partnering with AON Insurance Worldwide for the development of the Net Zero Global Cleantech Project Portfolio of Assets.

A Clean Tech Power Plant Developer that generates High Dividends and an Increase in Share Value for it's investors by building risk mitigated energy projects worldwide

Why should I invest with Net Zero Enterprises?

  • If you are an investor that is looking for out sized annual dividends returns and who also wants to capture a multiple increase in the value of your shares in only three years you should take the time to review our business plan and economic model.
  • We at Net Zero Enterprises pride ourselves to be a Next Generation Disruptive and Proven Clean Tech Power Plant Company and Industrial Scale AgTech Organic Seafood Producer, establishing carbon neutral Power Plants, and producing high quality seafood to U.S Consumers with commercially proven and disruptive technologies with long term product pre sales agreement in place ( 20 year guaranteed revenue agreements)
  • We have spent over 8 million dollars during the last 4 years in pre developing, nurturing and risk mitigating a significant pipeline of Renewable Energy projects and Seafood manufacturing plants that are now shovel ready to be built out at scale.
  • NZE will utilize part of the invested funds towards establishing Green Fuel Production Plants where the output has been pre sold to Governments on 20 year agreements. The plants will start to generate dividends within 6 Months from the start of construction. See Use of Funds in the full presentation.
  • NZE has an uncorrelated relationship between project and investment risk versus return. Since NZE has its propriertary model for asset development and due dilligence, NZE has managed to obtain some an insurance suite of products from AON with AAA rated insurance carriers. This and our model, which has enabled us to never default on any of our 200 project before, as well as the insurances and the other contracts that are put in place for every project will remove all known and identifiable risks, which enables strong returns at low risk level.

What returns can I expect on my invested funds?

Expected Returns Summary starting in Year 2:

Annual Dividend Yield >15%

Total Annualized Returns including Asset Value Increase >35%

The total return is estimated to over 50%/year including both dividend and asset appreciation.

Additional Upside from Ability to Participate in future projects:

Net Zero is looking to close several large-ticket $90-450m financings in 2018, which generates a conservative estimated Balance Sheet of $665m in 2018, which equals over 6x in 1 year. 

  • 200 Successful Projects to date
  • Drives Exponential Impact Investments
  • Carbon Neutral
  • Fully Risk Mitigated Commercially Proven

The Company

  • Net Zero Enterprises is a sustainable infrastructure project financier, investor and asset developer. Net Zero Enterprises is a merger of three companies and dates back to 1982. In 2012 NZE moved their headquarters to San Diego, California.
  • By applying a holistic perspective to capital intensive project development and asset development, as well as our proprietary Front End Loading Process, Net Zero manages to not only develop projects on time, on budget and in accordance to projected pro formas; Net Zero also manages to heavily increase value and mitigate risks beyond industry benchmarks.
  • Net Zero Enterprises has 30+ years of experience and expertise within Front End Loading (FEL), Asset Development, Private Equity, Investment Banking and Land Development. These skills, combined with our intellectual property, trademarks, proven processes and established partnerships, enabled us to create the foundational processes that are at the basis of all of Net Zero's offerings.
  • Our focus industries are; water, waste, energy, food and housing and we often implement technologies that work in synergy with each other, creating clusters or closed loop systems, that are efficient, sustainable and generate high dividends.

Net Zero Enterprises Risk Mitigated Portfolio with Multiple Revenue Streams:

Net Zero Enterprises holds the rights to Assets/Contracts and wholly owned Subsidiaries/Joint Ventures/Minority Equity Holdings in the following areas:

  • Net Zero Waste to Energy and Water Treatment Consortium: A Waste to Energy and Water Treatment Joint Venture with a Proprietary Technology Asset Developer where Net Zero Enterprises holds a 33% Common A shares equity interest. Phase 1 - $1.2 Billion USD Portfolio of Worldwide Projects pre developed projects. Total identified global portfolio of $6.3Bn in establishment cost and over $30B in stabilized enterprise values.
  • Net Zero Aqualife: A sustainable indoor closed loop organic shrimp farm for the production of a reliable protein source. Shovel ready with all contracts, and permits in place for the first phase of 1.25MM Lbs of production. Includes sales contracts for $117MM and an MOU for $1.17B, soft commitments for $7Bn, just for the US. JV Partners in Mexico, Sweden, Dubai, for further expansion. Net Zero Enterprises is a 100% owner in the holding company and 98% owner in the initial phase 1 project.
  • Net Zero Enterprises External Project Finance Pipeline: NZE has a current external pipeline portfolio of Global Infrastructure and Sustainable Projects where they hold the right to finance risk mitigated projects for a CAPEX build out cost of $20 Billion with an estimated stabilized value of $85B. NZE’s equity ownership in these projects vary from 4% up to 20% depending upon the size of the project
  • Net Zero Venture Capital: A venture capital investment made by NZE whereby NZE owns a 35% equity interest in Get Air New Structures who currently has built the largest trampoline park in the world in Los Angeles and also established a park in Turlock. These two parks has an estimated value of $40M. NZE holds the rights to develop/fund future Get Air Parks in U.S and Canada. Get Air currently owns and operates 48 parks prior to Get Air New Structures.
  • Net Zero Urban Greens: A sustainable indoor organic leafy greens and herbs farming for the production of a reliable greens. We have exclusive rights for California and the Nordic Countries for the farming technology that only requires 1% of the water compared to traditional farming. Initial scope of production is 5M heads of greens in 5 facilities. Capital cost is $40M, with an established enterprise value of $225M. Net Zero owns 100% of the equity. After this initial phase we plan to establish many more facilities.
  • Net Zero Mass Transit System: So far we have only one completely shovel ready project in South Korea and the city of Busan. The project is fully approved by the government and is a combined Net Zero Mass Transit system that is self sufficient in energy, in combination with very attractive real estate development that already is priced out with GMAX EPC Contracts for a total of $700M. Total enterprise value for this initial project is $2.3B.

Commercially Proven Technologies  Clean Tech  Risk Mitigated with AA+ Carriers


30% ROI
Cash Flow Positive
10 Issued Patents
$17858900 Transaction Volume

Pitch Deck


  • Kim Forssell, our CEO will be interviewed on Small Cap Nation next week at the Bloomberg television studios in New York City.

    October, 2017
  • The Radio Show and News Publication "CEO Money" recently featured our CEO Kim Forssell in a recent radio show in the link below.

    October, 2017

    October, 2017
  • The Campaign is off to a strong start with two separate contributions of $250,000 and $275,000 respectively.

    October, 2017
  • Aqualife Featured in the San Diego Union Tribune - "Farming of the future"

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    October, 2017
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    October, 2017
  • Per the link find an interview with our CEO Kim Forssell on Small Cap Nation at the New York Stock Exchange -

    November, 2017


Roger Stevenson
Roger Stevenson
Fund Manager/Investor
"The way Net Zero completely removes project risk and protects the investments with backstop is very unique and make me very comfortable as an investor. Also that they successfully returned investor capital before and completed so many projects with their track record make me want to invest in every upcoming project they have. It is not often an investment deliver both high yearly dividends and multiples on invested capital in asset value, especially not wet all risks are removed."
John Doyle
John Doyle
Managing Director
"When Net Zero Enterprises asset develops a project their team has a clear direction of how to mechanically mitigate the various identified risks of a project utilizing GMAX contracts from their construction partners, pre selling the product to their off takers or distribution channels, ensuring that the various insurance policy layers can be applied in addition to commercially proven technologies. Those are some of the reasons why I believe that investing with Net Zero Enterprises is relatively low risk"
Glenn Todd
Glenn Todd
President - Todd Construction Services
"Todd Construction Services has been providing Design & Build services for the food processing industry for over 33 years. We have been working closely with Net Zero Enterprises. LLC, in the design of the shrimp farm & processing facility, from “Farm to Fork”. It is always a plus when a customer takes a proactive role in their project, which Net Zero Enterprises has done from day one. Net Zero Enterprises has been involved with all the details, making sure the I’s are dotted & the T’s. "