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Plant Growth Net Zero Aqualife

Plant Growth Net Zero Aqualife

100% Organic, Non GMO, and self-sustained shrimp farm. TERM SHEET SECURED - in final closing. Accept add. investments during closing

San Diego, California, US

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Company Overview

  • 100% Organic, Non GMO, and self-sustained shrimp farm.
  • +25% IRR with quarterly dividend payout.
  • FINANCING TERM SHEET SECURED AND AGREED UPON - in final closing. We will accept additional investments during closing process.
  • Revenue secured by a 10 year fixed price purchase agreement.

Aqualife is putting shrimp back on your plate.

Our Clean Tech Solution Puts Shrimp Back on Your Plate

The U.S. currently imports over 91% of its seafood. Most imports originate from outdoor aquaculture farming programs in Asia and Latin America. Over 99% of shrimp in the US are susceptible to disease, contamination, pollution, pharmaceutical substances, and a host of other impediments to food safety. Developed and developing markets around the globe will benefit from finding a means to source reliable, organic, and sustainable seafood. We're introducing our proprietary technology that solves these industry problems, and makes it possible for conscious consumers to put shrimp back on their plates.

What Sets Us Apart

Combining state of the art commercial super intensive shrimp production and clean tech solutions to responsibly, economically, and profitably meet the growing demand for organically grown, locally-sourced and Non GMO seafood. We do this while emitting no waste or pollution and not consuming any water or energy (closed loop).

Our Keys to Success

- 100% of the shrimps that are being farmed are already pre sold with a fixed price purchase agreement in place.

- 100% compliant to Whole Foods requirements, only Green labeled shrimp in the US - Green label nominated by the Monterey Bay Aquarium. 100% Organic and Non GMO.

- Project is fully shovel read. FINANCING TERM SHEET SECURED AND AGREED UPON - in final closing

- Commercially proven methods and technologies with experienced team

- +25% IRR, with quarterly dividend payouts.


30% ROI
$11,750,000 Sales

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Featured in the San Diego Union Tribune - "Farming of the future"

January, 2016

#13 on The CNBC Crowdfinance 50 Index, just a couple of days after relaunching

February, 2016

Featured in Under Current news

January, 2016


March, 2015

More news on CNBC

February, 2015

Indexed at #1 with CNBC

February, 2015

February, 2015

The Aqualife project is featured in current newsletter

January, 2015

Unanimous vote from City of imperial to receive all permits and a no further action letter for environmental impact.

December, 2015

We currently have two debt financiers that are in underwriting for the debt funding.

May, 2016

We are now in final underwriting for the Senior debt (with fully agreed term sheet), project is completely shovel ready.

June, 2016


“No environmental impact and a product impossible to get hold of in the US. All this while being very profitable.”
Patrik Langvardt Patrik Langvardt - Former Davis Cup Player fo
Patrik Langvardt
“Impressive pre-development as well as management team. Not only is the project fully green, sustainable and uncontroversial, but also proven in EU, highly efficient and profitable.”
Aashish Mishra Director of Sales, Ericsson Canada
Aashish Mishra


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Amanda Benson

Business & Communications Coordinator

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