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Keith's Nervous Breakdown, LLC

Keith's Nervous Breakdown, LLC


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Company Overview

Keith's Nervous Breakdown Ultra-Premium Cocktail Mixers is a new line of original, all-natural, high quality cocktail mixers. Our first mix released in 2016 is a margarita mix created for fun and deliciousness! Our margarita mix is full of mouth-pleasing citrus flavors and hints of cranberry, pomegranate and organic agave. When mixed with a premium silver tequila and Cointreau, it is the best margarita in the world!

After years of testing other margarita mixes made with artificial flavors and high-fructose corn syrup, I decided to create a better, organic margarita mix that has a combination of better ingredients, outstanding flavor and beautiful color. As more consumers are enjoying premium cocktails at home and premium tequila sales have soared 500% in 7 years, Keith's Nervous Breakdown Ultra-Premium Cocktail Mixers is poised for excellent growth nation-wide. In addition to home consumption, Keith's Nervous Breakdown Ultra-Premium Cocktail Mixers, will be sold to restaurant and hotel chains nation-wide.

Our new Rum Punch Mix will be released April 1st. What an amazing product! Delicious, all-natural citrus juice concentrates and 5 organic flavorings help create the most unique and delicious Rum Punch cocktail you have ever tasted!! Visit our website to order some today!!

Keith's Nervous Breakdown Ultra-Premium Cocktail Mixers is a hip brand that will be promoted by an outstanding marketing team and distributed by a group of companies with access to all supermarkets, specialty food stores, restaurants, hotels and night clubs. When Life Gives You Limes... Make Margaritas!