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Near Infrared Imaging, Inc.

Near Infrared Imaging, Inc.

Near Infrared Imaging is selling the Vein-Eye and realizing profits. We are ready to soar and new funds will guarantee our success.

Company Overview

Near Infrared imaging (NII)'s mission is to cause a paradigm shift in medical imaging and to offer investors and partners aggressive returns in both the short-term and the long-term.

All of our products will be of the highest quality, non-contact, non-invasive, non-radiation, light-based and at a price affordable to the worldwide community.

Near Infrared Imaging has been accumulating technologies, developing new products, and funding research since 2009.

NII is owned in part by the Regents of the University of California (UC)

NII is owned in part by the City University of New York (CUNY)

NII is owned in part by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL).

There are 30M – 40M vein punctures everyday worldwide, and 30% of them miss and are painful.

The Vein-Eye™ vein illumination hospital cart is NII's first product. It is FDA registered, has the CE Marking and is presently in 40 countries.

Your funds will allow us to complete the development of the 2nd generation device, the Vein-Eye CARRY™, a portable home healthcare vein illumination device.

We are now close to completing the development of the next generation Vein-Eye CARRY, which will image all patients superbly and be significantly less expensive than the competition.

The Vein-Eye CARRY will connect to a Tablet allowing for 3-D images, remote access, broadcast communications and capturing and storing images of vein punctures.

  • The leakage from a punctured vein into surrounding tissue is a major problem with infusion in both the hospital and the home.
  • Infiltration and extravasation can result in everything from a mild skin reaction to complex regional pain syndrome and severe necrosis.

"THURSDAY, Dec. 24, 2015 (HealthDay News) -- Patients can be taught to safely self-administer long-term intravenous antibiotics at home, without the help of a health care worker, a new study suggests. Some infections require treatment with IV antibiotics for six weeks or more.

Requiring these patients to be hospitalized for several weeks means loss of personal freedom. The patients who self-administered had a 47 percent (47%) lower rate of hospital readmission over 30 days."

With the added power from the new camera company’s sensor, the Vein-Eye CARRY will provide other solutions:

“Near infrared wavelengths bring relief to young cancer patients.”


  • NII began selling to distributors in October, 2014. We have large international distributors waiting to sell the new Vein-Eye CARRY.™

    July, 2015
  • We are working with three major, international medical camera companies who are vying to be the manufacturer of the new Vein-Eye CARRY.

    July, 2017


Dr. Sanjay Srivatsa
Dr. Sanjay Srivatsa
MD, Cardiologist
"Heart, Artery and Vein Clinic - Fresno, CA "