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iCTABLE - World's 1st eSports Machine

iCTABLE - World's 1st eSports Machine

Invest in Booming eSports Market - 41% Growth!

Los Angeles, California, US

computer games, technology products and international travel., computer, space technology, gaming industry, esports, video games, ictable, computer hardware & softwares

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$602,000 of $1,000,000

iCTABLE - World's 1st eSports Machine is raising $1,000,000 with a minimum reservation of $5,000. Numbers displayed include non-binding reservations before investors are verified, signed, or closed.


  • 4x increase in unit sales in 2017.
  • World's first eSports Machine
  • 6 million views on an iCTABLE Youtube review by LTT

Elevator Pitch

As the creators of the world's first eSports Machine, we want to remain a leader in hardware for a tremendous eSports market.


1 Issued Patents
12 Employees
$643,000 Sales
30% ROI
Cash Flow Positive
20,000 Users


4x increase in unit sales in 2017.

March, 2016

World's first eSports Machine

November, 2017

World's first multi-level cooling system, Martian Cooling System

November, 2017

20,000+ Facebook followers.

March, 2016

6 million views on an iCTABLE Youtube review

July, 2017

World's First 18 -Monitor Computer Desk

November, 2017

World's first 16K Gaming Monitor DESK PC

July, 2017

World's first 16-monitor Computer Desk

July, 2017

First touch screen module integrated into a desk, the iCTABLE-TS

March, 2017

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is New Century Cyber Technologies, Inc. ?

New Century Cyber Technologies, Inc., is a company that develops and manufactures innovative high-tech products and services.

How do you plan to acquire customers?

Acquiring customers is a priority for any emerging business and there are tried and tested ways to do so. The plan is to connect with potential customers through targeted social media campaigns, engage with the media, establish a rapport with retail to showcase the products at their locations, travel to the conventions where many deals will happen, and word of mouth.

hat's new about what you're making? How is it different?

At NCCT, we are exploring many different ideas and innovations that have the potential to change the world. For example, while the general idea of a workspace is simple: a desk, a monitor, a PC, we are enhancing the idea. iCTABLE, through integrating separate components and systems, transforms a stagnant workspace into a vibrant workspace environment that improves ergonomics and productivity.

When will the Space Controller iCTABLE be released?

We expect to launch the Space Controller iCTABLE with the touch screen integrated tabletop in 2018.

Am I investing in New Century Cyber Technologies, Inc. or iCTABLE?

You are investing in New Century Cyber Technologies, Inc. which develops and manufactures many innovative products, including our flagship product, iCTABLE.

What is your business model?

Our flagship product, iCTABLE, is a computer-integrated desk with a modular design, is targeted towards many markets including B2B, eSports, and gaming. After a successful launch, we are ready to present iCTABLE to a wider audience, as the product has proven that it has enormous potential. In addition, we are in the process of developing other innovative goods and services, which will enable NCCT to engage with new customers and new markets, including international.

What is your marketing strategy?

At this moment, a key part of our strategy will be attending industry-specific conventions like CES. Attending conventions will allows us to establish connections with people within the industry and to showcase our products to a receptive audience. Another part of our strategy involves the use of social media to promote our products. By working with top YouTube creators like LinusTechTips, we are able to demonstrate the benefits of our products to an audience more likely to be interested in our offerings. Also, one part of our marketing strategy is to become a sponsor, not unlike Nike or Adidas in the sports world for eSports teams and athletes. We believe this will have the desired effect of exposing a worldwide audience to our products and bringing more name recognition. Lastly, we are using targeting marketing campaigns on social media like Facebook and Instagram. Nowadays, Facebook knows you better than your friends do, and their algorithms are eerily successful in bringing relevant advertisements to your

How will you use the funds raised throughout the campaign?

The plan right now is to attend the largest technology conference in the United States—CES. That will be in Las Vegas, in January. Attending conventions like CES will allow us to showcase our products and to establish connections within the industry. Also, we will use some of the funds to launch multiple targeted marketing campaigns, as those have had the largest effect. In addition, we will spend a significant amount on research and product development. Lastly, we will be able to dedicate money towards sponsorships within the eSports industry and internet reviews of our products.

What are your thoughts of acquisition or an IPO?

Being a pioneer in the eSports market with a unique product, iCTABLE eSports Machine, which includes iCTABLE Combat and iCTABLE Mercury, our strategic goals are to remain a hardware leader in the eSports market and undergoing an IPO in a few years.

Is there any thought to working with a chair manufacture to build custom chairs with Bluetooth speakers and match colors.

We are in development of our own custom chair centered on the same principals as iCTABLE: ergonomics and efficiency, customization, and modularity. And in our ideas about this upcoming product, bluetooth speakers are a key element. It is in our prospects of the future to create products along the lines of "smart furniture", adapted to the modern age of technology and personalization.