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iCTABLE - World's 1st eSports Machine

iCTABLE - World's 1st eSports Machine

Invest in Booming eSports Market - 41% Growth!

Los Angeles, California, US

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Company Overview

We are like Nike for eSports

At New Century Cyber Technologies, Inc. (NCCT), we make hardware for eSports, Gaming and Computer industries

We create functional, slick, and innovative products that make life on the computer easier. Our main product is an advanced computer-integrated desk, iCTABLE, which includes numerous features that significantly improve your work effectiveness by providing many health and productivity benefits. On top of our flagship iCTABLE, we develop and manufacture new products like Enigmatica, an ergonomic wireless/wired keyboard.


1 Issued Patents
12 Employees
$643,000 Sales
30% ROI
Cash Flow Positive
20,000 Users

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4x increase in unit sales in 2017.

March, 2016

World's first eSports Machine

November, 2017

World's first multi-level cooling system, Martian Cooling System

November, 2017

20,000+ Facebook followers.

March, 2016

6 million views on an iCTABLE Youtube review

July, 2017

World's First 18 -Monitor Computer Desk

November, 2017

World's first 16K Gaming Monitor DESK PC

July, 2017

World's first 16-monitor Computer Desk

July, 2017

First touch screen module integrated into a desk, the iCTABLE-TS

March, 2017


"This desk is truly a work of art. While expensive, it is meant to be the last desk you will ever need to buy, as it is 100% modular. The quality in itself is amazing. With the anticipation of this product being able to last me for my entire life, short of upgrading one feature to another, the price is definitely worth it."
William J. Della Noce Customer
William J. Della Noce
"Oh my God! It is beautiful... ...It is completely customizable in how you want your table to look like. While building the desk if I ever had any questions the iCTABLE Team would answer them on Facebook within minutes normally..."
Justin Mccollum Customer
Justin Mccollum
...What I like about the desk is the surface space it has and the wide variety of different ways that you can use it for any situation that you have. My experience with the AAS has been great, I have been able to move them whenever I needed to and there is no resistance with any of the moving parts on it that there shouldn't be..."
Chris Dague Customer
Chris Dague
We set out to create the most incredible display setup ever... 16 4K monitors put together to drive 16K RESOLUTION!!!
Linus Sebastian Youtuber
Linus Sebastian


Team Member Name

Joseph Hill


Joe handles market analysis and marketing performance for the company. Read More
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John Miller


John is a hard worker and team player, always bringing positivity to the discussion Read More Unverified
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Robert Allen


Rob is a great team player and a frequent contributor in team meetings Read More
Team Member Name

Vihaan Sharma

Chief Technology Officer

Vihaan is a smart individual with a keen mind. His responsibilities include developing new technologies for our products and services Read More
Team Member Name

David Turner

Research and Development

David loves his work and always gives his all to complete his objectives Read More
Team Member Name

Elizabeth Johnson

Marketing and Communications

Liz handles communications for the company and also contributes to the marketing campaigns Read More
Team Member Name

David Wong

Chief Development Officer

David leads the team developing new products. As a senior team member and an engineer, his experience is invaluable. Read More
Team Member Name

Mary Lee

International Relations

Mary proved to be an excellent addition to the team with her stellar work with manufacturers overseas Read More