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NannyPod is a scalable babysitting and nanny agency franchise, providing the safest locally vetted on-demand childcare.

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Company Overview


Vision / Elevator Pitch

Our fully ‘tech driven’ local babysitting and nanny business did over $100K in revenue overnight in 2015, and is on target for $500K in 2016!

There is a MASSIVE need for locally vetted on-demand childcare, in every city!

So, we are building our own software and franchising our business model.

NannyPod Sitter App 1.png

NannyPod Sitter App 2.png

NannyPod Sitter App 3.png

NannyPod Sitter App 4.png

If every local babysitting and nanny business had a business model and software platform like NannyPod, they could capture massive extra market share by providing locally vetted on-demand care!

We are building our own software so we can franchise, and have 1,000s of NannyPod nanny agencies and babysitting services across the USA.

Fees: $20K Franchise Fee, 30% Revenue Share + $299/month per NannyPod location.

Traction / Validation

We have full ‘proof of concept’. We vetted 75 sitters and have 300 families using our local tech driven nanny and babysitter service. We’re on target for $500K in revenue in 2016.

Currently most nanny businesses use basic scheduling software, a spreadsheet and a calendar! They could start operating in a tech driven manner almost immediately, just like NannyPod, and capture massive extra market share.

*MindBody (software, but only for gyms/spas) did $101million in revenue in 2015, (expecting $132million for 2016). They have 51,000 clients in over 130 countries, servicing 28 million consumers and did $1.4billion in payments last year. NannyPod aims also build a white brand version of our software called SitterSuite. SitterSuite will be the MindBody of the babysitting and nanny agency industry, handling all payments and scheduling.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 6.11.00 PM.png

Market Opportunity

There are 1,000s of local mom & pop nanny agencies and babysitting services who are still using spreadsheets, calendars, and doing manual invoicing. By bringing all of the tech tools on to one platform and using our proprietary business model will simplify their operations, and allow them to scale!

mindbody 2.jpg

The Problem

There is currently no software platform that encompasses all of the cool tech tools you need, that also integrates with other software, to run an efficient local nanny agency or babysitting service.

Parents are overwhelmed by the likes of which has no local oversight. They prefer locally vetted childcare, and cool technology like on-demand scheduling… that’s how we scaled our ‘proof of concept’ nanny agency and sitter service overnight!

MindBody.jpegConstant Contact.jpegiCapture.jpeg


Intuit Quickbooks.pngSalesforce.jpeg

Product / Service

NannyPod has a proprietary business model and software platform.

Software features for nanny agencies / babysitter businesses

Register Clients


Recruit Staff


Background check Families & Staff


Set Hourly Pricing


Set Hourly Pay


Schedule Staff


Manage Appointments


Accept Payments Automatically


Pay Staff Automatically By Direct Deposit


Create Promotions


Group Text Staff


E-sign Legal Contracts


Map Staff in Real Time


Retention Referral Program (Staff & Families!)


Business App (Clients , Staff, Metrics)


It integrates everything you need to run your nanny agency or babysitting business, as well as provide cool technology to your clients and staff!

Features for families (clients)

Scheduling Online


Text Message Notifications


Retention Reward Points Program


Advanced App


(geo-tag, request, confirm arrive & depart, review)

Features for sitters / nannies (staff)

Set Availability & Accept Appointments Online


Text Message Notifications


Basic App to Clock In / Clock Out


Retention Referral Bonus Program


Advanced App


(set availability, geo-tag, confirm, clock in, clock out, review)

Two Revenue Models

1) NannyPod Franchises: $20K Franchise Fee + $299/month software fee + 30%/70% revenue share to operate under the NannyPod logo and our turn key business model/terms.

2) SitterSuite: 5% on transactions to use the SitterSuite software platform and operate under their own logo and terms.







($299/month + 30% Revenue Share)

(5% on Transactions)

Marketing & Growth Strategy

Nanny agencies, babysitting businesses, mom's groups, community associations, and more can all apply online for a NannyPod franchise. Once approved, it’s turnkey, so they can literally scale overnight. They find NannyPod through digital marketing. We have an outbound sales team who follow up with all leads.

Our growth strategy is a spider’s web approach, reaching cities that are geographically close to each other.

The NannyPod business model is very sticky, so the attrition rates will be extremely low.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 6.39.05 PM.png


Katie Tumbleston, CEO & Founder (Masters Degree, Veteran Nanny, ACLU, City of Charleston)

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 1.25.50 PM.png

Kev Hedges, CFO Consultant (Merrill Lynch, Citi, Morgan Stanley, AXA)

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 3.50.24 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-05-05 at 1.38.24 PM.png

Ken Haigh, CTO Consultant (PeopleMatter, Blackbaud, Intellisync, Lotus, Radioactive.IO)

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 1.15.26 PM.png


NannyPod franchises and the SitterSuite software are game changers for the childcare industry.

  • 1000 NannyPod franchise locations, doing $500,000 in revenue each year, making $100,000 in profit, and paying a 30% profit share fee of $30K, would provide NannyPod HQ with $30,000,000 per year in recurring revenue.
  • 1000 SitterSuite nanny agency clients, doing $500,000 in revenue each year, paying a 5% fee on all transactions, would provide an extra $25,000,000 per year in recurring revenue.
  • Potentially, that is $55,000,000 per annum in recurring revenue. If we had 50,000 clients in over 130 countries, our revenue would be in the region of $2.5 billion.

*SitterSuite software is the ‘MindBody of the babysitting industry’ (NASDAQ: MB). MindBody which is similar software, but only for gyms/spas, did $101million in revenue in 2015, (expecting $132million for 2016). They have 51,000 clients in over 130 countries, servicing 28 million consumers and did $1.4 billion in payments last year.

MindBody platform.png


Direct Competition: There are some basic scheduling software services out there like ScheduleThing, Acuity Scheduling and AppointY but they have very limited features and are not client centric. SitterSuite is specifically designed for nanny agencies and babysitting businesses.

Indirect Competition: We must consider, and as indirect competition. None of these firms have a ‘local presence’ and do not provide software to babysitting businesses or nanny agencies to operate. NannyPod franchises are locally operated and turnkey.

Client centric 2.jpeg

Interested in being part of the next greatest franchise and software company or a partial commitment? Keen to see our most recent financials?

Please email us at with a time to call you personally!


$268,000 Sales
300 Users
3 Employees
Cash Flow Positive


  • The idea to revolutionize the babysitting & nanny industry commenced. We mapped out our plan.

    October, 2014
  • NannyPod set up account with Bank of America and links with MindBody, DocuSign, PeopleMatter, QuickBooks, Intuit, and Sittercity.

    November, 2014
  • NannyPod creates a proprietary business model and hits the ground running by hiring 20 nannies and sitters in 1 month.

    April, 2015
  • Our first families join NannyPod and start using on demand locally vetted childcare.

    May, 2015
  • In under 9 months, we have 60 sitters and over 200 families using NannyPod. We break even with $115K in sales.

    December, 2015
  • NannyPod participates in DIG South, a local tech conference for start ups, placing 4th in the Wild Pitch!

    April, 2016
  • NannyPod reaches $262K in sales, over 300 families and 80+ sitters/nannies since commencing operations in April 2015.

    June, 2016
  • NannyPod is now a buzz-word in Charleston SC. Locally vetted on-demand childcare is loved by families. Our software will rock the industry!

    July, 2016
  • Lucey Fund commits up to $200K in software services after meeting NannyPod at the Google Ventures Charleston Start Up Grind

    August, 2016
  • NannyPod becomes a key contender for funding from SCRA ($200K) and Charleston Angel Conference ($100K)

    October, 2016
  • NannyPod hits $402K in revenue since inception reinforcing that tech driven 'on-demand' locally vetted childcare is in big demand!

    October, 2016
  • NannyPod creates $180 Annual Membership for parents that includes 5 Free Hours with our sitters or nannies.

    December, 2016


Elizabeth Lane
Elizabeth Lane
"We feel so lucky to have met our nanny through this service. She is reliable, experienced, and very special to our son! We have also used another sitter for date nights and she has been great too! I am an early childhood teacher and very picky about who we trust to care for our child, NannyPod has been a great way to connect and find experienced sitters for us. Response from the owner Thank you so much Elizabeth. Hope that we can continue to be of help to your lovely family!! -The NannyPod Team"
Kappi Widener
Kappi Widener
"We had a great experience with this service! We loved our sitter and the entire process was super easy. It's a great resource- we'll definitely use it again! Response from the owner 3 months ago Thank you so much for using NannyPod! We are striving to make life easy for both Moms & Sitters. Take care. The NannyPod Team"
Genelle Sawyer
Genelle Sawyer
"We've had great experiences with multiple sitters who have been enthusiastic, engaging, and professional. Such a relief to not worry about my kids when I'm at work, but also have the ease of booking on-line and access to back-up sitters without the stress of interviewing and doing background checks myself. NannyPod has made finding a sitter easy! Highly recommend. Response from the owner8 months ago We appreciate your feedback. Thank you so much for using NannyPod!"
Claudia Patruno
Claudia Patruno
"Excellent experience. Very easy to schedule and reschedule appointments. You can read profiles of sitters and choose the one you like most. Our nanny was very nice and professional. Thank you Nannypod! Response from the owner3 months ago Thank you Claudia for the great review, truly appreciated!! Here when you need us. Kind regards, The NannyPod Team"
Adrienne Lauder
Adrienne Lauder
"Excellent child care service. Sitters are professional, dependable, and good with children."