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“Africa’s insurance market a ‘giant waking up’." The Financial Times. Enter the market through UK tech and Africa experience.

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Company Overview

Insurance in Africa is a lucrative business with 9 companies on the top 40 FTSE JSE index operating in the industry.

Not believing us let see what the world is saying? “Africa’s insurance market a ‘giant waking up’. The Financial Times. To read press here:

The Africa insurance market is estimated at $70 billion, with estimated premium growth of up to 40% for 2017.

Moxie is entering the market through the latest UK cloud base insurance technology that can connect to millions of users through their cell phones, this alone gives us a competitive advantage. Our agile structure decreases operating cost by up to 50% and infrastructure cost is 80% lower than any other company in the industry

We circumvent the traditional problems of insurance in Africa, harnessing the latest technology, marketing, and business processes, that has been proven in the African market.

Our headquarters is based in South Africa, because:

  • South Africa accounts for 40% of the market
  • Highly regulated, equivalent to first world countries
  • Financial standards on par with international standards


Cash Flow Positive
98% ROI

Pitch Deck


  • Secured investment of $150,000 from a prominent technology entrepreneur.

    January, 2017
  • Signed deal with one of the best programmers in the world, Alex Mattelaer. He built the Lloyd's Insurance exchange back-end.

    March, 2017
  • Appointed Adogreen as our Recruitment Specialist.

    March, 2017
  • Appointed external accountants:

    March, 2017
  • Back-end developed and tested. Starting development of user interface (UI).

    March, 2017

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