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Looking for a big project that help our society to get better? A project that is targeting Chinese money and make American schools great.

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Return Amount

20.00% of

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2.00 x Investment Amount

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3 Months After Finance Close

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Elevator Pitch

An Eb-5 regional like this does not occur very often. It'll attract a lot of people who need a green card. Also, it will attract investors who are willing to make a change on current education system.

Company Overview

Ever think of building you own school?

Help the society , Make our future generation better, build your own neighborhood!
Can even held any charity act you want ! It's a Dream School for Everyone.

We have Chinese clients who are willing to pay for it!

How does this work?

We have looked up a church and looking forward to crowdfunding to convert it.

We will transfer it to a school neighborhood that is the best and you never heard of.

(in Washington State) For example, Bellevue .

The project will cost around $3M USD to transfer and built school building.

Plus we will spend about 800k on maintenance and the rest of them in advertisement.

Then what we can do is making this as a EB-5 regional center.

To attract international investor who need a green card. (mostly wealthy Chinese)

They will need to invest for $900,000 to secure a green card spot.

We will be looking for at least 24 of investors overseas.

Is it legit?

I personally have invested in Dallas for an EB-5 project and it went successfully and gain my green card. The project was around 11M USD. And everyone gets a green card plus the apartment has 96% sold already.

Your investment money will be " transparent" so you will know how the money flows.

** 16.6M USD potential profit**


**who ever contributed above 100k, we will have your name somewhere in our campus**

**who contributed 1M will have area that name after you**

Looking forward to work with you fellas, have a nice day :)

CEO Weiting Daniel Kuo

Who we are?

Link for Chinese news that talk about our company

*We are an prestigious international student agency. We helps student from various country to

pursue their dreams in United States.

*We help them to find the best school and tutor them for our students in daily basis. Not only help them to get better grade in school but also helping them to fit in the United States society.

*We have agent that is on-call 24/7 for our student for any kind of questions they have.

We can do that because we are an international franchised company. 

*We have office In Taiwan and USA.

Now we are looking to start a small elite school from kindergarten to high school.

*The school would be academic and sport focused *.

sport would focused in Baseball and Basketball which is popular in Asia and we can have those activity safe with elite coaches.

*Will teach traditional Chinese ( not simplified) so kids would be fluent in Chinese and English.

Press Mentions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why become an EB-5 Regional Center?

There are many advantages to receiving EB-5 Regional Center designation from USCIS for your business. Becoming a regional center is an attractive way for a business project to raise low interest debt, and, in some situations, equity. Raising capital via the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program is quite unique compared to traditional sources of funding and EB-5 is an exciting and ever-evolving industry.

Is this going to be legit?

Each regional center must obtain its designation from USCIS. USCIS regional center designation entails a multi-step process that requires the input of various experts. The cost of obtaining regional center approval is highly variable. The actual application itself, called Form I-924, Application for Regional Center Under the Immigrant Investor Program petition, costs $17,795 to file with USCIS. However, the overall approval cost is often far more and largely dependent on the fees charged by various EB-5 experts.

Risks & Disclosures

The project will only be started going when it meets 3M the funding goal.

And will really start when 5M goal is reached.