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Moochies, Inc

Moochies, Inc

Ending the problems of kids using social media, mobile phones and the internet. The first COPPA compliant software platform and wearable.

Austin, Texas, US

education, internet of things, wearable device, wearable tech, wearable tech, iot, consumer electronics, hardware, smartwatch, location services, internet of kids

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$0 of $270,000

Moochies, Inc is raising $270,000 with a minimum reservation of $2,000. Numbers displayed include non-binding reservations before investors are verified, signed, or closed.


  • Wearable already sold $667k in Australia
  • Talks with AT&T, Singtel, Optus and Telefonica
  • First COPPA compliant kids social network

Elevator Pitch

Concern over kids use of social media through mobile devices is a huge area of discussion. Moochies is creating the first COPPA compliant mobile platform to allow kids safe use of mobile devices.


$667,000 Sales
Cash Flow Positive


Launch of Moochies wearable in Australia. 1700 devices sold in first month.

December, 2015

Launch of first 3G wearable device for kids. 2000 devices sold, inventory sold out within 3 weeks.

January, 2016

Launch of wearable with photo messaging and voice recognition camera. 2300 devices sold within 10 days.

December, 2017

Marcus Kilgour joins the team as CTO. Following successful exit from Europe's largest online real estate cloud platform.

November, 2017

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will the Moochies platform work?

The kids phone operating system will pair to an app on the parents phone, which will let the parent see who their child is talking to, what they're saying, and allow them to turn settings off and pause messages and interaction if they wish.

What is the NFC payment function?

This is a facility for children to use their mobile and watch in a similar way to Apple Pay. The parent will top-up the child's pocket money account through the app, and their child can then use their device to pay for things contact-less.

How does Moochies currently generate revenue?

Currently Moochies generates revenue from hardware watch sales, and a commission from the telco SIM provider for the amount of calls and data the device uses per month. We will expand this through developing the overall platform, to open up NFC pocket money payment commissions, advertising on the parents app, and accessory sales such as straps, screen protectors and care kits.