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Moochies, Inc

Moochies, Inc

Ending the problems of kids using social media, mobile phones and the internet. The first COPPA compliant software platform and wearable.

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Company Overview

Moochies vision is to connect kids to social networking and the modern mobile world in safety and with parental oversight. Moochies is a technology company with a focus on reducing the dangers associated with children using mobile devices.


Moochies is creating a customized Android OS and launcher designed to be used by children under 13 years old which pairs with a guardian app (iOS and Android) on the parent’s smart phone. This software pairing allows parents control and full visibility of the activity on their child’s smart device.

Moochies is developing the following products:

  • Moochies OS (MOS) is a customized Android OS platform that pairs with a guardian app on the parent’s phone, allowing parents control and full visibility of the activity on their kid’s phone and wearable.
  • Moochies Launcher that works alongside the MOS.
  • Moochies guardian app that pairs with the MOS to deliver control of the device to the parent.
  • A variety of pre-installed apps that are on the child’s phone by default, the most important of which is the social network.
  • 3G and 4G wearable mobile phones working on the same software and aimed at younger children.


In addition, the Moochies software platform comes with pre-installed apps of which the most important are the social app, which is an age appropriate social network, the edited app store which is open to 3rd party android developers to add age appropriate apps, and school schedule app which connects parents, teachers and children.


The Moochies business model is to leverage several revenue streams through the usage of the Moochies platform, hardware and apps. These will be:

  • Targeted advertisements to parents in their guardian app
  • Fees for preinstalling 3rd party apps on the Moochies OS
  • Submission fee for 3rd party apps in Moochies playstore
  • Fintech commission from pocket money app
  • In-app micro payments


Moochies has also developed a range of wearable wrist worn mobile phones targeted at younger children which have been on sale in Australia for 18 months.


Moochies has sold over $667,000 of the Moochies wearable in Australia since 2016. Sold solely on Facebook with limited advertising spend.



$840,000 Sales
Cash Flow Positive

Pitch Deck


  • Launch of Moochies wearable in Australia. 1700 devices sold in first month.

    December, 2015
  • Launch of first 3G wearable device for kids. 2000 devices sold, inventory sold out within 3 weeks.

    January, 2016
  • Launch of wearable with photo messaging and voice recognition camera. 2300 devices sold within 10 days.

    December, 2017
  • Marcus Kilgour joins the team as CTO. Following successful exit from Europe's largest online real estate cloud platform.

    November, 2017


Emily Hodgkin
Emily Hodgkin
Mailonline (Daily Mail)
"The Moochies watch was a hit from the moment it came out of the box, and after five minutes of set up to get us both familiar with the basic controls, we were good to go."
Good House Keeping Institute
Good House Keeping Institute
"Here at the Good Housekeeping Institute, we think the Moochies smart watch is a great idea. It gives the peace of mind of a mobile phone without the associated problems. ..... once the smart watch is up and running, it's simple and straightforward to use"
Mommy and Daddy
Mommy and Daddy
"I first heard of Moochies after reading an online news article about them. I was curious to learn more and find out exactly how they worked. Moochies phone for kids is exactly that. Well, for kids it is a phone, but for parents it’s so much more. I absolutely love the Moochies Phone Watch. For kids it’s a pretty cool looking watch that lets you call your parents at the touch of a button. For parents it offers peace of mind and reassurance. "
Leigh Campbell
Leigh Campbell
Huffington Post
"The watch has an emphasis on safety and puts parents in control of who can contact their child. "