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Monteur is a mobile app created to help plumbers to order numerous parts to suppliers without writing a single word, just by one click.

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Elevator Pitch

Most of the plumbers make orders offline, typing or writing lists of parts they order, wasting their time. An app with visual interface, handy, customized and classified, to save the time of plumbers.

Company Overview

The Monteur app heals the pain of plumbing and HVAC engineers worldwide, lets them make orders of numerous parts to their suppliers without exhausting writing of lists, just by one click! Saving their time and pulling global trillion $ offline plumbing and HVAC market to the e-commerce future!

The main hidhlights:

1. Choose your material from the world general catalogue or add your own one!

2. The app will write a list for you and send it to the supplier via email or any messenger app!

3. Wherever you are on the globe, add your own local supplier and communicate!

4. Choose a group of equipment and fittings, such as water meter set, or water filter set, and with one click you will save time.

5. Add your favorite local delivery service, shipping address, and get your order!

6. Add your credit card and enjoy automatic payments!

7. Enjoy classified updating catalogue of the plumbing fixtures and equipment manufactures worldwide!


  • Tech specification of the app was designed

    April, 2019
  • The concept has been tested involving 8 retailers with positive feedback

    August, 2019
  • The team has been contracted

    January, 2020
  • The graph design, the presentation and the marketing strategy have been designed

    March, 2020

Pitch Deck

Key Customers & Partners

Aquatools LLC Ukrpolimerconstruct LLC PPK LLC Area Cooling Solutions, LLC Secespol, INC Apex ltd.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the idea?

To pull the trillion world plumbing and hvac market out of the stone age to e-commerce

What are your company's benefits?

Founded by a practising plumbing engineer, together with experinced developers, we are the best in targeting the market's needs

What are the main business plan points?

We'll reach 8000 subscribers in 7 month, with 56,000$ monthly income. We'll reach 100,000$ monthly income during the first year!

Risks & Disclosures

This data speaks only as of the date hereof, and Monteur disclaims any obligation or undertaking to provide updates or revisions to reflect any change in its expectations or returns.

The stated IRR and multiples are unrealized and based solely on our own estimate of the current value of our fund investments; was not provided or verified by the companies or third party valuation; and does not represent actual return of capital.

The actual return outcomes for investments are highly uncertain and may, in the end, be significantly lower than the stated unrealized IRR. Additionally, our past performance is not indicative of future returns, so we can't provide assurances that comparable returns individually or in the aggregate will be achieved by any current or future Monteur fund.

Disclosure: Investing in startups carries a high degree of risk. In general, financial and operating risks confronting both early and developmental-stage companies, as well as more mature expansion-stage companies are significant. Many emerging growth companies go out of businesses every year. It is difficult to know how companies will grow, if at all, or what changes may occur in the market. A loss of an investor's entire investment is possible and no profit may be realized. Investors are responsible for conducting their own due diligence.