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Montauk Iced Tea

Montauk Iced Tea

Flavorful iced teas for health conscious consumers..all natural, reduced calorie, low sugar and kosher certified w/o sacrificing flavor.

Company Overview

Montauk Iced Tea caters to the health conscious consumer. We offer several different iced teas (and lemonade) which are all natural, but with reduced calories and sugar. We do not use harmful artificial sweeteners.

Our flavors include Raspberry 5, Green Tea with Honey; Orange Clementine Green Tea; Redberry Hibiscus; White Tea with Peach; Half and Half; and a good old fashioned Lemonade. Our drinks range from 5 to 80 calories but you would never know it from tasting them.

Our company is based on Long Island, NY, where some of the most successful beverage companies of recent vintage have gotten their start, including Arizona Iced Tea, Snapple and Vitamin Water. Long Island offers a diverse and dense population which serves as an excellent testing ground for new products and provides for a gateway into NYC and the NY Metropolitan area.

We have assembled a first rate sales and marketing team and a network of distributors on Long Island and into New Jersey. We have our own company vehicles, including several vehicles for salespersons, wrapped vans and a wrapped box truck. Our sister company has acquired a warehouse property in Riverhead, New York.

We have, in a relatively short period of time, become one of the fastest growing beverage companies in the Northeast region appearing on the shelves of over 1,000 stores. We have saturated the Long Island market and have begun our expansion into NYC and NJ. Our brand has gained significant name recognition as we constantly receive consumer phone calls asking where our products can be purchased in their geographic areas.

We are soon launching a new PH bottled water which we believe, with its packaging and low price point, will become the "hottest" bottled water on the market. We already have pre-orders for this products and we are confident it will be out entrée into a number of locations to further spur the sale of our iced tea beverages.

Ownership has invested almost $1,000,000 of its own funds getting our company to its current level of performance and we are now ready to take that next big step. We feel we can accomplish great things with an infusion of another $1,000,000. Accordingly, we are looking for an investor but, just as importantly, we are looking for a strategic partner. We can no longer be considered a "start up" as we are a fully operational company with product on the market and name recognition in the NYC-LI area. We are looking to take our company to the next level and to enter other markets.