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Window Seat, Inc

Window Seat, Inc

Making Every Seat a Window Seat

Why We Started This Company

MondoWindow grew out of Greg’s best-selling Window Seat books, a series that helped airline passengers understand the landscape beneath them. MondoWindow is the first product for the wifi-connected airline passenger. It leads the disruptive charge in the $6 billion IFE industry—the last major consumer digital space still untransformed by the Internet or mobile computing. MondoWindow gives passengers location and context-specific content and social interaction, improving flight for all

What Sets Us Apart

We are forming partnerships that will allow us to market products aimed at three key sub-sectors: Major Airlines, Low Cost and Regional Airlines, and Business Jets. All of these partnerships will be revenue-generating, with clients paying both up front costs and ongoing licensing fees in addition to generating advertising and sponsorship revenues. By 2015, the biggest digital brands will be providing services specifically aimed at the in-flight environment. We'll be there first.

Our Keys To Success

MondoWindow is a platform that can be part of a website, onboard intranet, app, or game. Currently there is no direct competition in the niche MondoWindow has created. No other product aimed at the airline traveler presents a real-time moving map that is native to the web browser. Furthermore, no other product features live, real-time, location-based content and interactive opportunities for airline passengers.

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