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Mine Shaft Brewing & Cali Orchards Hard Sparkling Water

Mine Shaft Brewing & Cali Orchards Hard Sparkling Water

Invest With the Team that Kickstarted Sam Adams and created some of the biggest brands in the world.

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Invest with the team that kickstarted Sam Adams and many other great beer brands.

Company Overview

Mine Shaft Brewing's passionate team has worked in the beer category, specifically the craft space, since the 70's. Leveraging our experience in the super premium, premium, premium light, sub-premium, malt liquor and flavored malt beverage categories, our brew crew has been involved in the development and introduction of both specialty and seasonal brews, including brewing, packaging, marketing and sales. To this day our team continues to brew world class, award- winning beers. Below are some of the craft brands and beer brands with which our group has been involved. Plus IZZE Soda which members of the MSB team founded and sold. Pepsi now owns.

People Passion Product Process

Mine Shaft Brewing line extension Cali Orchards Hard Sparkling Water will go into production in Q1 2019, and we have distributor buy-in. The hard sparkling water industry (a subcategory of flavored malt beverages) grew by more than 3000% between 2015 and 2016 and is projected to continue its rapid growth.

Line Extension That Perform: Cali Orchards


MSB Teams Long History In The Beer Space:



  • MSB team members were also founders of Izze Soda that Pepsi acquired.

    March, 2018
  • 90% of MSB's initial 60k bbl. capacity is accounted for by distributors

    January, 2018
  • MSB gets worldwide media impressions when MSB ambassador Mark Calcavecchia wears MSB hat for three days as he goes wire to wire for the Boca

    February, 2018
  • Fortune 500 companies already reach out to MSB for their company retreat, dinners and brewery tours.

    March, 2018

Pitch Deck

Key Customers & Partners

Carlson Distributing Co., Inc. M & M Distributing Golden Beverage Distribution Atlas Distributing, Inc. Hayden Beverage Distributing


Alan Wayne
Alan Wayne
NYC Private Equity Firm
"This is an outstanding team with substantial relevant operating experience and a differentiated plan for entering the craft beer/cider space."
Dan O'Bryon
Dan O'Bryon
CFO of Global Trading & Logistics Company
"MSB has a management team with deep, relevant experience, a comprehensive marketing and business plan, and a product that is already in high demand. This is as close to can't miss as you get."
California San Fran Craft Brewery (Acquired)
California San Fran Craft Brewery (Acquired)
Former Chairman Top 25 CA Craft Brewery
"“I have never seen a startup in the craft space that has such an understanding of branding and brand architecture. Most small and even many of the large brewers don’t understand brand architecture. The approach is not craft, it is to be a brand to get the price positioning right.” "
Irena Blind
Irena Blind
TSG Consumer Partners
"“Absolutely love the branding though and the dual beer/cider strategy.” "
Raul Garcia
Raul Garcia
M & A Molson Coors
"“Looking at the packaging for El Presidente, has a great aesthetic positioning that could make a real entry into this segment.” “Just get your doors open and the offers will come, great positioning and branding.” "
Scott Dahnke
Scott Dahnke
Global Co-CEO, L Catterton Partners
"“I would love to figure out how to get involved. I have been known to raise a mug or two of fermented hops and barley from time to time!”   "
Andrew Mitchell
Andrew Mitchell
President Hayden Beverage Distributing
"“Your packaging looks great.” "
John Sadowsky
John Sadowsky
Chairman Atlas Distributing, Inc
"“Love the packaging, branding, plan and determination.” "
Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
President of Carlson Distribution
"" I love Cali Orchards flavor forwarded approach and that they will produce a 3.2 version for the grocery and convivence channel.”"

Previous Funding

  • $655,000 Convertible Note
  • Raise Source: Investors
  • February 2015

Frequently Asked Questions


Questions are best answered by a short 20 min call. Request your call today.

What is MSB?

Mine Shaft Brewing is a large scale destination brewery in town that is loved by millions worldwide. We anticipate seeing over 400K visitors the first full year of operation. MSB will have a retail store and will do brewery tours and host special events.

Is MSB a BrewPub?

No MSB is not a brewpub, MSB is a large scale brewery with a full restaurant and retail store and a tasting bar area.

How has MSB been received by customers?

Customers and investors love MSB. We already get thousands of calls to visit the brewery and to buy hats shirts and more, and we are not even open yet.

How has MSB been received by distributors?

Distributors love MSB for many reasons. For one scale and the teams experience in the space and the understanding of the space. We see our distributors and retailers as our business partners and we have zero interest is self-distribution. Over 90% of our initial 60K bbl. capacity is allocated to distributors.

How do I know if I will like your beers or ciders?

The simple answers are you probably already like some of our team's beers they have been involved with. Ask your self if you like every beer that the top 50 craft brewers make, probably not! This is a business, and we will produce beers and ciders that consumers want to drink and come back for more VS the typical model of let's make this and try to figure out how to sell it.

Why does MSB produce Hard Cider?

Huge upside and paying attention to details. Compared to regular beer drinkers, the regular cider consumer is younger, earns a higher income and is more likely to be Hispanic. Cider drinkers are also more closely gender-balanced than beer drinkers, who skew male. [per CGA Strategy] Based on a web poll conducted by Boston Beer Company’s Angry Orchard cider brand, 37 percent of adults ages 25-49 are unable to name a cider brand. Of those who named a brand, 9.3 percent named Angry Orchard; 6.9 percent named Mike’s Hard Lemonade, which is a flavored malt beverage and not a cider; 6.1% named Redd’s Apple Ale, which is also not a cider. [per Angry Orchard] What does it mean? There’s a huge opportunity for cider to connect with drinkers who just don’t have that beverage on their radars.

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