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Mine Shaft Brewing

Mine Shaft Brewing

Invest With the Team that Kickstarted Sam Adams

Park City, Utah, US

consumer products, small business, beer, food & beverage, craft beer, beverage, cider, hard cider

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Company Overview

Invest alongside the folks that helped Sam Adams / Boston Beer get off the ground

-Why You Should Invest in MSB-

Because we have a clear vision and precise goals.

We know where we are going and we know how we are exiting.

We know what targets are we don't guess at anything.

Shot for the top, big goals, think big because you don't achieve big things by accident.

We don't give up no matter what.

We work hard, and we work smart.

We find a way or make a way to get things done.

We are not afraid to jump.

You get two choices:

You invest, or you don't invest but don't wait to jump while this opportunity passes you by.

“Absolutely love the branding though and the dual beer cider strategy.”
Irena Blind
TSG Consumer Partners Investors in Pabst, Sweet Water Brewing, Brew Dog and other great brands.

“Looking at the packaging for El Presidente, has a great aesthetic positioning that could make a real entry into this segment.”
Raul Garcia
M & A Molson Coors

“I would love to figure out how to get involved. Park City is a second home to me, and I have been known to raise a mug or two of fermented hops and barley from time to time!”
Scott Dahnke
Global Co-CEO, L Catterton Partners Investors in Innis & Gunn Brewing and other great brands.

Note: Firms do not do pre-revenue investment in the U.S.

What our early investors say:

"After drilling into the concept and plan with Tim and his team and helping in drafting the deal structure I decided to invest and even got my family to invest too. This is an outstanding team with substantial relevant operating experience and a differentiated plan for entering the craft beer/cider space. The craft beer/cider market continues to grow rapidly with plenty of opportunity remaining for new brands like MSB"

Alan, Investment Professional, NYC Private Equity Firm

"MSB has really stood out to me as a best in class opportunity. From a management team with deep, relevant experience to a comprehensive marketing and business plan, and a product that is already in high demand, this is as clos to can't miss as you can get. I can't wait to see this come on-line and let the numbers support what I'm confident will be the successful byproduct of a well-vetted strategy"
Dan, CFO of Global Bulk Raw Materials Trading & Logistics Company

MSB Black Card Club Membership
8% annual interest
1st Right of Refusal on Next Round

Our team has worked in the beer category, specifically the craft space, since the 70s.

With more than a quarter century of experience in the beer category, specifically the craft space, our team’s passion for quality has consistently been on display. Leveraging our experience in the super premium, premium, premium light, sub-premium, malt liquor and flavored malt beverage categories, our brew crew has been involved in the development and introduction of both specialty and seasonal brews, including brewing, packaging, marketing and sales. Here are some of the great bands the MSB Team has been involved with:







For a glimpse of who is behind the MSB vision, access these videos:

Expansive Views From the Brewery

Introduction to Mine Shaft Brewing

MSB Restaurant

MSB Team's Long History

For other great MSB videos visit:


1. Start as a micro with 500-1K BBLS production in 1st year.
2. In years 3 and 4, initiate a capital raise to expand and increase production to 3-5K BBLS a year.

1. Start at 60K BBLS to get TOP 50 Craft Brewer status in under 5 years.
2. By end of year 1, start of year 2, initiate Phase 2 to expand production to 100-150K BBLS.


MSB & Lord Stanley’s Cup, Trevor Lewis LA Kings & MSB team member Jay Stevens


Company Slideshare


Top 50 craft brewer with 60,000 barrels in production

July, 2015

The craft beer industry has grown to $20B in 2014 with Firestone Walker recently being acquired for $250M

July, 2015

Team comprised of leaders from Stroh’s Brewery including brands such as Sam Adams and Henry Weinhard's



This is an outstanding team with substantial relevant operating experience and a differentiated plan for entering the craft beer/cider space.
Alan Wayne NYC Private Equity Firm
Alan Wayne
MSB has a management team with deep, relevant experience, a comprehensive marketing and business plan, and a product that is already in high demand. This is as close to can't miss as you get.
Dan O'Bryon CFO of Global Trading & Logistics Company
Dan O'Bryon
Outstanding Team, Packing & Branding. A team who understand the space and the relationship with distributors. MSB can take a huge market share.
Dane Carlson President of Carlson Distribution
Dane Carlson
If MSB was producing now (M & M would want you in UT, WY, NM) We do not see anything like MSB from other new craft players let alone existing craft players
Scott Stiltz Craft Brand Manger for M & M Distribution, UT
Scott Stiltz
Outstanding Team, Packing & Branding. A fantastic team. Look forward to working with MSB.
Brett Birt VP General Manager
Brett Birt

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