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Miel de Tierra

Miel de Tierra

Miel de Tierra is a multiple award winning Premium Mezcal brand produced in small batches throughout different regions in Mexico.

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Company Overview

We started off the Miel de Tierra Brand with the idea of taking advantage of the rising popularity wave in Mexico and in the US of Premium Mezcal .

Our main focus is to create a product that can be massively introduced to a virgin market of consumers, using the momentum of the Mezcal category which already in Mexico is overtaking the Tequila Industry.

We achieve this, by having one advantage: Excellent Marketing.

Our focus is to create and promote our brand using extremely targeted branding strategies, this has allowed us to grow sales by an average rate of 86% in the last three years

While other rising Liquor brands typically spend 50-80 % of their revenue on their launching year in marketing and advertising, we spent only 21.3%, and still achieved a sustained and significant growth in recurrent sales throughout the retail channels.

Since our launch date, we have increased our mezcal portfolio from 2 labels to 6 labels, spanning 3 different regions and different styles of artisan Mezcal. This key difference provides a powerful advantage thanks to the versatility of offering contrasting Mezcal labels. Other Mezcal companies limit their selection to one distillery, and thus seriously limiting their product offering.

We have signed distribution contracts with International Importers in the US, Germany, Italy, the UK, Lebanon and in the process of signing with 3 additional clients abroad. These are commercial allies that have years of experience distributing premium spirits, and with our support, we are on track to achieve International Distribution to tap one of the fastest growing spirit categories in the last 5 years.

Euromonitor International estimates in its anual spirit reports, that Tequila and Mezcal growth will total 25.9% over the next 5 years, compared to other categories Rum: 13.4%, Cognac 4.4%, Vodka 4.5%

During 2017 we worked in developing a craft beer brand Miel del Cielo. The reason behind this new category product is because our largest importers where on the lookout of a premium, well branded beer that could differentiate with the industrial products in the Market. We backtested our design and recipe with focus groups, got repeated feedback, and perfected our product.

Since then, our craft beer has been an excellent driver for growth for our company, and we have looked for ways to repeat the process across different categories to take advantage of our branding expertise and our International distribution network


10 Employees
$410,000 Sales
Cash Flow Positive

Pitch Deck


  • Awarded the Double Gold Medal as Best Tasting Spirit of 2014 at the California International Spirits Competition.

    July, 2014
  • Awarded the Silver Medal at the New York International Spirits Competition

    November, 2014
  • FDA approval number required for importing the product to the USA and other countries. # 15521104360

    August, 2014
  • Anual Double digit sales growth from Mexico customers ( HEB and other wholesalers )

    December, 2014
  • Signed distribution and importation agreement with German Importer

    January, 2015
  • USPTO granted brand registration for the USA

    January, 2015
  • Received first International Purchase Order

    February, 2015
  • Launched a new Mezcal line from San Luis Potosi after 2 years of product development.

    February, 2015
  • Closed our first round of equity funding with International Investors

    September, 2015
  • Signed distribution and importation agreement with US Importer

    March, 2016
  • Signed distribution and importation agreement with Italian Importer

    October, 2016
  • Finished the product development phase of our new beer brand Miel del Cielo.

    January, 2017
  • 3 of our brands where placed in the global top 10 Mezcal labels by Distillers Magazine, one of the most recognized spirit tasters in the US

    April, 2017
  • Had an all time national sales sellout record in March 2017

    April, 2017
  • Awarded the 2017 Gold Medal by as one of the top ranked Mezcal labels in the US market.

    July, 2017
  • Signed an International Distribution agreement with a National Importer in Belarus, Eastern Europe.

    November, 2017


James Hakim
James Hakim
""I made an investment with Miel de Tierra not knowing how fortunate I would eventually become. They are a hard working and driven team with a great product that virtually sells itself, you can taste the quality in every sip of MDT that you take and I would definitely recommend them to anyone. I have enjoyed seeing them grow and will continue to do so." "
James Hakim
James Hakim
"What transpired later on was a piece of good fortune as Mr. Juan Gonzalez the CEO and Founder was from the beginning to this day very responsive to all my queries and emails. A especially down to earth and transparent individual who is hard working and has never led me to doubt him, he has put me at ease from the very start. A true professional and a connoisseur as you will come to realize when you finally taste the finished product."